Yours Truly by Krista Lakes

Wasn’t Cinderella such a great story? Its such a classic tale and one that Krista Lakes modernized for her book “Yours Truly”.


Here’s the book synopsis:

Only one woman’s foot will fit this size 11 1/2 glass slipper… 

AJ Jacobson: 

Billionaire CEO AJ wants nothing more than to just get away from his busy life. So when he goes to an employee’s wedding and meets a beautiful girl, he feels like he can lose himself to her. Despite an intense night of passion, he wakes up in an empty bed. The only clue he has to find his Cinderella? A glass slipper and two handwritten lines on a note, fished out of a dumpster and almost unreadable… 

Kat Ryder: 

When responsible Kat lets her hair down for one night, she meets a gorgeous stranger who really likes the new her. After an enchanting evening together, Kat gets an early morning call into work by a panicked boss. Knowing that she must see him again, she leaves a letter for the sleeping hunk and signs it, “Yours Truly, Kat,” not realizing that’s the only part of the note that will survive. However, there are other consequences to her night of fun, especially when she finally meets up with her one-night-stand… 

What if AJ is actually her company’s CEO? 


I thought this book was so much fun. Yes, it’s a modern telling of a Cinderella story but I really enjoyed how Krista put some of the traditional aspects (such as Kat’s lost Louboutin), but she also made the story different and modern. But this Cinderella is intelligent and a working woman, and her Prince Charming is AJ Jacobson.


Kat was just so awesome. I really loved her character; I actually felt like she really made the story. Don’t get me wrong, AJ was great too, but for some reason, Kat really struck a cord with me. In the beginning when Renee is telling Kat how boring and safe she is, I felt so bad for her. I also then promptly thought Renee was sort of a bitch. Krista did a great job at bringing Fun Kat to light, without making her be “crazy” Kat. When we first see Fun Kat coming out, I was really curious how that would play out, just in terms of her behavior. But I was surprised and thought she still maintained her classiness whilst having a (sort-of) one-night stand.


My favorite thing about AJ is that he is really all in. He likes Kat, recognizes that he feels that she’s special and immediately is seeking her out. I enjoyed that even though they do have to think about reality, AJ is still very committed to Kat and seeing her, and being with her. I really admired that about his character. Even with some of the stress that AJ deals with throughout the book, he is still absolutely interested in Kat. He never waivers.


This book was just an all-around fun read for me. I know that sounds cheesy but this book was just a breathe of fresh air in a normally hectic world. I would absolutely recommend this book, especially if you are looking for a pleasurable, escape from real life.


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