Fearless for Love by Clara Stone

Happy Memorial Day! Let’s start this beautiful day with a book review for the amazing Clara Stone and her Lovelly brothers!


Here’s the blurb below:

Harrington Lovelly has always been the black sheep of his family. A spontaneous troublemaker with sarcastic charm and good looks to spare, he’s the wild card, the brother no one knew how to control. And he likes it that way. Now, on the cusp of turning twenty-five, he’s fighting for what he believes is right, fighting to save his best friend Fisher from the most notorious underground fight club in Florida. He’s fearless . . . in everything but love. 

Twenty-three-year-old Jessica Owens is done throwing her life away for a promise she made to her deceased father. Leaving behind everything she’s ever known in the hopes of starting a new life is the single most daring act of rebellion she’s ever done, but she’s determined. This time, her past won’t haunt her. This time, she’ll get it right. This time, she might even fall in love. 

Neither Jessica nor Harrington know what fate has in store for them, but when Harrington’s efforts to save his friend bring him to the very town Jessica escaped to, they’ll find their paths crossing in a classic case of being in the right place at the right time. And this time, they’ll have to fight hard to rise above everything standing in their way. Together. 

Gritty, action-packed, and breathtaking, Fearless For Love brings a darker edge to the series, while still keeping the signature, heart-wrenching emotion of its predecessors. A story at once akin and completely unlike that of the first two installments, it asks the question: how do you love, when love is what you fear most? 

I have to be honest, this is the first book I have ever read by this author, so I am new to her style and the Lovelly family. The book is listed as being a standalone, but (and this is just my opinion), I would recommend reading her first two books before you get to this one. The reason I say this is that as I started the book, I kept feeling like there was something I was missing. This isn’t a story with a ton of holes, but in particular, at the beginning, I just kept feeling like I was missing something.

So I read a few other reviews and was researching the book a little more (this was while taking a break from the book) and I realized it was the third in a series and that its based on the Lovelly brothers. Again, I’m sure you could read this standalone and you might be totally fine. But for someone like myself, I think I could have appreciated the characters and their relationships and personalities if I had explored the first two books prior.

The writing in this book is fantastic and Harrington and Jessica have a hilarious banter back and forth. I enjoyed when they first meet, and how Harrington is cocky but its still flirty and silly. Its not total arrogance; I thought Clara did a really exceptional job with their dialogue but especially Harrington’s personality.

If you are familiar with this author, I think you will absolutely love this book and enjoy it. But if I am being entirely honest, it was hard for me to read this because I kept feeling like I was missing something and then I was confused in several spots. The book moves fairly quickly, as far as jumping right into the action. So from the start, I was confused as to who Fisher was, and why Harrington is looking for him. Maybe that isn’t even a thing in the previous two books in the series, but either way, I was just confused and kept thinking I missed something.

I absolutely intend to read more from Clara Stone and I am planning to start the Lovelly brothers books from the beginning.

Buy it here: Fearless For Love by Clara Stone


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