Immortals of New Orleans Box Set #2: Kym Grosso OUT NOW!!!

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Immortals of New Orleans Boxset, Volume 2! by ‪#‎KymGrosso‬

Which includes the following four vampire & shifter romance books, each with their own happily ever after:
Léopold’s Wicked Embrace (Book 5)
Dimitri (Book 6)
Lost Embrace (Book 6.5)
and Jax (Book 7)

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Island Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story by Krista Lakes



Island Kisses by Krista Lakes

After hundreds of catastrophic dates, she never expected to find love.

Harper Thomas loves bad dates. She goes on hundreds of them a year, and then blogs about them online to make her living. When her sister signs her up for a new dating service, Harper’s not expecting to find anything other than more ridiculous men. She certainly isn’t planning to meet him…

Gabe Honors is one of the billionaire owners of Kindling Dating. He also happens to be Miami’s most eligible bachelor, but his search for love has never been successful. That is, until he decided to use his own dating service. The first time he meets Harper, he knew that she was the one. However, in order to make sure that it really was love, he kept his identity a secret. He soon finds out, secrets never mix well with love…

Can a billionaire CEO finally stump this bad-date-blogger? Can Harper look past the money and find the man? Or will they only be left with memories of their island kisses?

Island Kisses is the ninth book in a series of standalone billionaire romances. If you like sweet stories on the beach, then you’ll love this story of a regular girl and a handsome stranger falling in love.

Just to be totally upfront, I am on Krista Lakes’ ARC team. And when I first signed up, my blog was newer. I mean, it still is really new, but she was one of my earlier posts and I had even less of a clue on what I was doing then as opposed to now. But it was one of the best things I have ever done.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good, hot, sweaty, steaming romance. But I also truly do love the love story. And whenever I read Krista Lakes, it reminds me of the same happiness that I get from reading two of my other favorite authors, which are Susan Mallery and Samantha Chase. I enjoy seeing the main characters have that true love connection and the physical connection just adds more fuel.

Harper is absolutely hysterical. I actually found myself feeling for her with both her mom and her sister nagging on her about finding a man and settling down. Even though they drove me crazy, it really made me wonder how many other young women have family members doing something similar to them as I type. The fact that Harper was able to keep her cool with both of them meddling a fair amount was incredibly impressive. I would have cracked a long time ago.

We also meet Cora, who is Harper’s best friend, and she is just as funny and even more lovable. I have a few friends in my life who could easily be my own Cora, and that made the story even more authentic and easy to identify with. It was funny because before I finished this book, I was joking with a friend through facebook messenger about wanting her to hook up with a model and the more I was trying to be funny, the stupider stuff I said. And she laughed. Or she laughed via messenger, and I assume she is laughing when she says “LOL”. None of the below! Haha.


So the synopsis lets you know that both Gabe and Harper are not necessarily hiding things from each other, but they aren’t entirely forthcoming. The way Krista spun this was not what I expected. I know I say that frequently, but I honestly expected Harper to keep dating other guys just the blog and then Gabe to find out. That was instantly where my mind went.

In fact, I was so dead set on that happening that I kept getting nervous as the story went on because I was waiting for Gabe to find out. Mini spoiler alert: I was super wrong. Not even in the ballpark. No end zone. Fantasy league mega failure here.

Gabe is just fantastic. One thing that Gabe does consistently is that he respects Harper. Even in Harper’s internal monologue, she takes notice that he is respectful of her. He wasn’t trying to gain a one-night stand from her and he was interested in getting to know her. I found it fascinating with Harper’s past failed dates, the guys are so clearly not interested in her. It made me think back to men I had dated before I was married and when I looked back, I realized how not interested in me they were. (I mean, that’s obvious since I’m not married to them but you know hindsight is always 20/20).

I am truly happy that I discovered Krista Lakes. Her books are light and she balances the drama with the love story flawlessly. I don’t say “light” and mean they aren’t serious or silly. They just always leave me in a good mood. I’m ecstatic for the characters when things work out and heartbroken right along with them when things don’t go as planned. I would recommend any of Krista’s books for anyone who wants to relax with a great story and just enjoy themselves while reading.

As a side note: you may note this title is listed in the Kisses Series. These books can be read as a standalone, so if you haven’t read anything from Krista before, you could easily start here and be perfectly fine.

Eight-Second Ride by Anne Jolin


Eight-Second Ride by Anne Jolin

Owen Daniels lives his life eight seconds at a time. The thrill of anticipation that comes with sitting on twelve hundred pounds of untamed power is unparalleled. The adrenaline rush that floods his system when the chute opens is one of life’s most unique and natural highs.

Ride eight seconds bareback on a bucking bronco—that’s his life.

When Owen’s stock horse, Remington’s Lady, is injured midway through the rodeo circuit, he trailers her back home to Willow Bay, Alberta, to remain in the care of the local vet, Ray Brookes.

Months later, with a truck bed full of buckles, Owen comes home to collect his Lady from the man he trusted to help her recover. Only Ray happens to be short for Rayne, and Rayne happens to be a woman.

And this woman wants nothing to do with a cowboy fresh off the circuit. As far as she’s concerned, he can take his buckles, boots, and spurs right back on out of her life.

Will Rayne keep them from holding on to their eight-second ride? Or will love buck out of the chute in time for a perfect score?

You guys, I feel like I have been waiting for this for forever! And I know it hasn’t been forever, but all the teasers Anne Jolin shared just pushed me over the edge of excitement for the next book in the Willow Bay Stables series.

ESR Teaser 2

See what I mean? Owen is absolutely swoon-worthy. I think every woman might need her own Owen Daniels.

Obviously from the synopsis, we realize that Owen has no idea the vet caring for his horse is a woman. Which is hilarious because his sisters and Branson are totally in on it. That is something that I really love about this story is this family. If you read the first book in the series, “Change Rein”, the family dynamic just keeps moving right along and I loved that. I feel like reading this series is as much about the Daniels family as it is the love story between Owen and Rayne.

Anne Jolin writes her characters in a really direct way, which for me, I love. Owen is interested in Rayne and he does not even try to hide it. He doesn’t play games, or dance around it. He is very interested in her and he has no issues letting her know. When he learns more of about Rayne’s past, he’s still totally into her. I respected his character so much for that. I feel like in other stories, when the man learns about something in the woman’s past, its like he starts questioning everything and then he needs the characteristic break. Owen isn’t like that. I just want to squeeze Anne Jolin with happiness for that.

Rayne has to be one of my favorite characters to watch evolve. She starts out with this absolute resolve to not have anything to do with Owen. Then she slowly starts letting him in, but she still remains steadfast in her beliefs and feelings. There is a pivotal moment in the story where Owen is having a talk with his father, Larry, about his riding and Rayne’s issues with it. I loved that moment because I think its the first time that Owen really and truly sees everything from Rayne’s eyes. I also loved seeing that wisdom and realization come through after a talk with his own father. For me, the family connections in this story are icing on the cake. I also have a lot of admiration for the fact that even in his 30’s, Owen is man enough to talk to his father about needing advice or insight.

I absolutely loved Owen and Rayne. I cannot recommend this book enough and I am already looking forward to reading Aurora’s story next.

Deadly Fate (Krewe of Hunters) by Heather Graham


Alaska—the final frontier? 

When Clara Avery, an entertainer working on the Fate, an Alaskan cruise ship, goes to nearby Bear Island, she comes across a scene of bloody mayhem. She also comes across Thor Erikson, who will soon be a member of the FBI’s elite paranormal unit, the Krewe of Hunters. 

Thor’s been sent from the Alaska field office to investigate several grotesque killings, with the dead posed to resemble the victims of notorious murderers. The prime suspect is a serial killer Thor once put behind bars. The man escaped from a prison in the Midwest, and all the evidence says he was headed to Alaska… 

Thor and Clara share an unusual skill: the ability to communicate with the dead. Their growing love—and their contact with the ghosts of the victims—brings them together to solve the case…and prevent a deadly fate of their own!

YES!!! A new Krewe of Hunters book is here! Please wait while I finish screaming/crying/hyperventilating over my excitement. The Krewe of Hunters is easily my favorite series of all time. Except for Nancy Drew and The Babysitters Club, which I read 20 years ago. So seriously…I love me some Heather Graham.

This book had some new aspects in it, in terms of the normal Krewe layout. I actually loved that readers got to see bits of Clara in “Haunted Destiny”, which is the book released prior to this one. It was also really interesting to get to see Jackson so much in this story, since we don’t normally see him as much since the other books are revolving around new mysteries with new characters.

These small changes are one of the main things I really love about Heather Graham. I have read tons of mystery books and I can almost always figure out who did it ahead of time. In Heather Graham books, I am always surprised at finding out who is the actual criminal. I love that about her stories. They truly remain a mystery. Its not like you can guess it out partway in and then just hope you got it right. Her stories keep your immersed in whats happening.

This story followed Thor and Clara in Alaska, and the possible involvement of The Fairytale Killer. I loved how immediately we see how Thor and Jackson have come to know each other and also how their lives have progressed since the initial case.

One thing I also admired about the beginning of the story is how almost chaotic everything seems, in particular from Clara’s viewpoint. No one knows what is going on and I felt Heather conveyed that so well. I felt like I was running on Bear Island with Clara and being terrified and confused. You didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t. I thought Heather really took the story to the next level adding in that element, especially in regards to the reality t.v. and everything being meant to be fabricated. It added to the chaos that Clara was experiencing.

Throughout the story, you do see Clara and Thor’s attraction to each other. I really admired that it was just out there right away. Others in their group noticed that there was a connection and it just was there. In past books, the characters have somewhat fought against it and in this case, Clara and Thor just went with it. I loved that.

Obviously, I would recommend this book. I loved the book being set in Alaska, the mystery here kept me on my toes all the way until the very end. I mean, wow. The ending was something I did not see coming in a million years.This was another mesmerizing mystery from Heather Graham and she hit it out of the ballpark.

Change Rein by Anne Jolin


London Daniels is returning home to Willow Bay, Alberta, on the heels of a televised loss. She blew her shot at the Summer Olympics and cost Canada the gold medal in dressage.

During her years of training abroad, her family’s stable has fallen on hard times, and thus, they’ve accepted an offer to board the racehorses of Branson Tucker, the infamous tycoon, for the winter.

London lacks conviction after her ill-fated fall. And as if returning to her hometown to watch her epic failure replay on everyone’s big screen isn’t torture enough, she’s expected to cater to a man with an ego bigger than her hundred-acre farm just to earn a dime.

Is London saddling up for another ride that will leave both her heart and her ass in the dirt? Or could the handsome, unwanted guest at Willow Bay Stables be her second chance to go for gold?

London Bridges…falling down…

Our story starts with London, nursing a blow to her butt and ego. But London is such an awesome character. She is incredibly resilient and there was actually a moment very early in the book where I knew I would love her.

This is definitely not a spoiler (this happens so early in the story and really doesn’t affect the rest of the story at all). For London’s fall, a reporter suggests its really her horse’s fault. London immediately defends Achilles, her horse, and explains how she didn’t pay attention to his behavior enough. I tend to have this same attitude towards animals, and as someone who has spent extensive amounts of time with animals and wildlife, I respected and appreciated London’s perception.

Then we meet Branson. One thing I truly did admire about Branson and London both was what it was just direct. I never felt like it was some foolish push and pull back and forth. Now, there is nothing wrong with those aspects, but for both Branson and London, that angst and conflict wasn’t necessary. Neither was really nursing some weird past heartbreak or secret. Branson tells it like it is. I didn’t find him arrogant in his directness with London. He is incredibly attracted to London and has followed her riding career for quite awhile and has no issue with her knowing it. I enjoyed seeing him show his hand and not be nervous about it.

If there was something I could say I didn’t truly love about this story was the way that Branson went about trying to meet London. Not because I couldn’t see a man doing something like he did, but it seemed unnecessary. Branson is attractive and very wealthy. If he wanted to find some reason to meet her, I sort of felt like he could have done it by easier means. But once everything comes out, I respected his honesty and also the fact that London is just accepting. When I say London is accepting, by no means do I mean that she is a pushover. But she is intelligent. She realizes that what she has with Branson is truly special and she understands how things snowballed on him.

That may not seem like much but London is a total spitfire. We see evidence of that multiple times in the book. So for London to take the high road and trust in Branson really exemplified their love and connection to me.

This book was also a super fast read for me. I was actually surprised as I got ready to do my review when I realized the book was over 200 pages long. I felt like I soared through it. The story flowed really well and the author manages to keep the story moving along in a seamless way.

This story is Book 1 in the Willow Bay Stables book and Owen (London’s brother) gets his story in “Eight Second Ride”. I’ve already read it and I can tell you that you do not want to miss either of these books. The Daniels family is amazing and I am already ready for Anne Jolin to bring me Aurora’s story!

Buy it here: Change Rein by Anne Jolin

Protection Crisis by Rochelle Paige

Shirtless man in blue jeans holding leather jacket.

A shy movie star…

Chloe Porter wasn’t prepared for her meteoric rise to fame. Raised by her grandmother after her parents died, her sheltered upbringing is a far cry from the celebrity lifestyle she’s expected to live when she wins an Oscar for her first movie role.

A former Navy SEAL…

The ink on Kael Stewart’s Navy separation papers is barely dry. The last thing he wants to take on is a babysitting job, but he can’t say no when his grandfather asks him for a favor.

And a crazed stalker…

Kael has to find Chloe before he can protect her. Scared for her life, she’s dropped out of sight in the hope that her obsessed fan will lose interest. Sparks fly when he hunts Chloe down, and Kael quickly discovers he has something in common with her stalker—an obsession with the beautiful actress. 

Lead to a love worth protecting.

This story is part of the Special Forces Kindle World and there are a variety of authors that have a story that intertwine some of their own characters into Susan Stoker’s Special Forces book characters. So starting off, I like this type of thing. I have no idea why, but I just adore getting so many books in one group, I guess you could call in, and they all release at the same time. So when you love it, you can totally gorge yourself on these alpha men and the women they love. I would say it’s the equivalent of Netflix adding a new season of your favorite show, and knowing you can just settle yourself right in.

In the story from Rochelle Paige, we meet actress Chloe Porter and former Navy SEAL, Kael Stewart. Chloe is on the run because she has a stalker. But no one is really taking her seriously. The police are, but their hands are tied on how much they can actually do to help Chloe. Thus, Kael is enlisted by his grandfather, who is friendly with Chloe’s grandma.

This book does have aspects of instalove, and I do not mind instalove, as long as it makes sense. I, myself, have a hard time buying into instalove when it’s really young characters who really haven’t done anything in life. But when the characters are a few years older, or have had life traumas and events happen, it’s easier for you to understand how someone could look at someone with different eyes and fall in love a bit more quickly. So, for me, Kael and Chloe make sense.

Before Kael even starts his mission to find Chloe for her grandma, we find out that Kael saw Chloe on a magazine cover when he was overseas, and she because his…inspiration, for a lack of better words.

When he finally finds Chloe, they do have instant attraction. The sex, once they do get there, is incredibly hot and steamy. I mean, the part of the country I live is under a heat warning, but I am still confident that this book is the reason all the doors and windows are covered in steam right now.

I really loved both Kael and Chloe in this story. I really enjoyed how Rochelle wrote both characters. It wasn’t cliché, where Choe just runs and then Kael magically finds her and then he is her savior. Chloe is smart. It actually takes Kael some effort to find her and then he teaches her how to protect herself. At the climax of the story, Kael is there to help Chloe, but Chloe is smart and that intelligence is what saves her from being killed by her stalker.

Another piece of this story that just made me love this story more is there is a point where Chloe gets to fangirl for a moment because she meets one of her favorite authors. It’s funny to think of how much we all read but rarely do the characters in the books do a lot of reading themselves (which I get why since if you wanted to read a book about someone reading, you’d just write a story about yourself). So getting to see Chloe have a fangirl moment was super fun and I was beaming when I read that part.

I really enjoyed this story and I already have snagged a few of the others in this special series. I would definitely recommend this book, and the entire series. The reads move fairly quickly, the love is hot and steamy, and the stories just bring pure joy.

Buy Link: Protection Crisis by Rochelle Paige

Protection Crisis is part of the launch of the Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World

An Act of Obsession by KC Lynn

She’s beautiful yet scarred beyond repair.

He’s powerful and lethal, in and out of the ring.  

One act of kindness brought Sophie Parish far more danger than she could have ever imagined. Now she’s on the run, leaving behind her family and the only dream she’s ever had.  

Retired EFC fighter Kolan Slade’s life has been one endless battle after another. He has a dark past with an even darker desire—the only one he’s ever known.  

Until he meets Sophie.  

Intrigued by her raw beauty and the secrets she’s trying to hide, Kolan craves to know who she is and what she’s running from.  

Protecting her becomes his obsession and he’ll sacrifice it all to save her. But in the end her love will have him questioning himself and everything he thought he knew. 

I know this sounds cheesy, but I really respect and admire how KC Lynn attacked Sophie and Kolan’s story. I know, I know. If you like any story, you have to admire how the author presented it. But hear me out.

I am reading the whole KC Lynn set of books all backwards. Not by choice, mind you. I have other books from her, even a box set, but like with all book lovers, I might hoard a bit. So I’ve just not gotten around to meeting all of the other characters. But then I was given an opportunity to get an ARC of Sophie and Kolan’s story. So here we are…a bit out of order.

This isn’t a spoiler, but a key piece of this story is realizing that Sophie has a stalker, Daniel. He’s been stalking Sophie since she was in high school. This is why when she and Kolan meet, he knows her as Lia. The reason I say I admire how KC Lynn tackled this was because she could have made Sophie just hide behind Kolan, or just hide within herself. If you’ve read any other books from KC Lynn, you know her males are quite possibly the definition of alpha male.

Kolan vows to protect Sophie, and this is even before he knows what is actually happening. But I feel he approaches her from a place of respect and he does help her learn self-defense, and respects her not being ready to share everything with him just yet.

He also seems to understand that she has to feel safe within herself. Then, once he realizes she has a stalker, then we see more of the truer alpha come out. But again, I think he shows the alpha male but it’s appropriate. It’s not so over the top that he becomes just a jerk. Maybe this is just my opinion, but I feel like alpha males sort of ride a very fine line. If they aren’t alpha enough, then they aren’t alphas really at all. But if they are too alpha, then their characters sort of become jerks. And that usually turns me off to them. So with that said, I found Kolan to be well written and he really was a perfect alpha male.

I found Sophie’s character really easy to loved. Kolan was great, and he has some hurtles to overcome. But I think that you’d expect Sophie to be really nervous and judgmental. But she wasn’t. Now, some parts of herself she wanted to wait to share, but in terms of accepting Kolan and some of his needs and desires, I felt Sophie really shined here. There are things she doesn’t always understand, but she is able to show him the respect that he shows her. When she realizes that Kolan is nervous about being touched, she doesn’t just do it and hope for the best. She respects him, and walks with him through that process.

If you read anything by KC Lynn, you know you get to see past characters in her books. However, this was truly the first book I’ve read from her. So with that said, everything in this book made sense. I didn’t have a hard time understanding anything or other characters being mentioned. I point that out because if this is your first KC Lynn book, you would be able to jump in and enjoy the story.

I am actually more excited to dig into my other KC Lynn books now because I really did enjoy this story. I felt the author tackled a mystery with a sensitive subject and a love story and seamlessly tied them together.

I definitely think you should take the time to meet Sophie and Kolan, and allow yourself to fall in love with their love story.

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