Keep by Rachel Van Dyken



My name is shouted on rooftops.
It’s written on bras, on the inside of bathroom stalls, hell my name is everywhere.
To say my name is to experience an orgasm without ever leaving your damn house.
My name is Zane “Saint” Andrews.

I’m sex.
I’m a rock god.

I’m also…a virgin.

What they don’t know won’t kill them right? Give the people what they want. And what they want is the idea of me; the pleasure they gain at listening to my song and knowing without a doubt I’m talking about them and only them.
It worked for a while.
Until a nerdy girl with glasses falls at my feet, literally, and suddenly I don’t want to be Saint anymore, what I want? What I really need?
Is to be kept.
By her.

Please forgive me if this review has typos. My keyboard is soaked in my tears from this story. I am NOT exaggerating here either. There is only one other book that has made me cry this hard. My tears do not mean this book is sad at all; its beautiful. It touches on the frailty that is life, and all of the beauty that exists in our small worlds.

This book is just…gut-wrenchingly beautiful. This story touches so many places, and so many emotions, and yet still manages to stay as a romantic comedy.

Fallon and Zane meet when she loses her glasses and Zane helps her find them. I enjoyed their banter back and forth. I know we always hear about people who just naturally mesh well together and Rachel captured that so well with Zane and Fallon.

There are people who first meet and they just click. Its that instant bond. Fallon and Zane have that but it evolves to romance and love. I especially admired how Zane was fairly quirky and it would throw Fallon off, but she just rolled with it. You could easily see Zane as the star and Fallon as the nerd, but I respected how Rachel wrote both of them. Yes, maybe you could call each by a respective label, but there was so much underneath.

One obstacle that Zane has is his anxiety. Its interesting how well he hides it. Even Fallon doesn’t realize it for a portion of the story. That is how well he manages to keep it under wraps. I truly am thankful that Rachel gave a character such as Zane anxiety. I have anxiety myself and it can be so crippling at times. It can hit out of nowhere and I know that its not easy for someone who doesn’t experience it to understand. So for Rachel to give someone that the world, in this story, loves and idolizes that anxiety was an interesting spin, but also one that I think is very much appreciated by readers. It actually made me feel less alone with my own anxiety issues.

I think every person needs a Fallon in their life, so we can all have a truly good person like her in our lives. I absolutely loved/adored/admired/liked/praised that Fallon just let Zane be himself. Even as we progress through the story, she never is trying to fix him. She just accepts him. Yes, when he keeps staying naked, she says something because it bothers her but she never talks down to him over it. Or his marshmallow addiction. Fallon just is. I think that is what makes her all the more lovable. She’s intelligent, but funny and just exists as she is. I loved her for that.

Obviously, I loved this book and Zallon’s love story (I couldn’t resist giving them a celebrity nickname). I’ll post the links below and then get over and one-click!

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