In Deep by Callie Harper

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Chase is an Olympic swimmer going for gold.

Focused, driven, intense.

Emma is a blogger going for the scoop, and she has the perfect in. She’s gotten herself hired as his physical therapist. With all that intimate time together, the secrets from his past don’t stand a chance.

And neither does she.

Can you hold my towel? I needed it to dry myself (and my kindle) off after reading Emma and Chase’s story. Who knew swimmers could be so sexy? For someone who is in the water so much, Chase managed to stay just dirty enough to light my kindle on fire.

This story starts with Emma and Chase meeting because Emma is going to be his physical therapist for the upcoming Olympics. First off, I loved how the author kept this story real time. Chase is preparing for the Olympics in Rio. I really enjoyed that because it actually made me more excited for actual Olympics.

I loved Chase. I’m sorry, ladies, but be prepared to replace your other book boyfriends. Chase is focused, intense, and driven, just like the synopsis says. But he can also channel all of that into a woman and he does…into Emma. Chase is into Emma, and once he finally tells her, he is all in. I admired that about his character. He could have easily been someone wanting to play the field, but he only had eyes for Emma.

Emma has to be one character that I felt I could really relate to. I mean, of all of the many books that I have read, Emma’s character and how she feels and is torn on certain things was really something I could understand. From the synopsis, we know Emma is also a blogger. However, its not really her blog, its her friend, Tori’s. And Emma doesn’t enjoy the gossipy side of the blog like Tori does; Emma prefers more heartwarming and truthful stories.

The chemistry between Chase and Emma was off the charts. It felt so natural. I thought the author did such a good job with Chase’s character, in particular. He pushes Emma sexually, but its very gentle and its not ever into something crazy. Chase was just the right amount of dirty talker, where it actually made sense.

I really admire how the author brought the story to a climax in regards to the blog issue. No spoilers here (I’m sorry, but its obvious that will be the main conflict for our lovers). I felt Chase and Emma both acted exactly like you’d expect them to. The author didn’t try to make things more dramatic than they were, or make Chase and Emma react more crazy or anything.

I also appreciated that she touched on the fact that Emma and Tori’s friendship maybe isn’t the healthiest and that they are starting to grow apart in terms of wanting different things from life. I feel like that’s how real life truly goes. We have some friends that while we still think their nice, we just grow apart and as we get older, our values may change and that sort of changes the tone of the friendship.

I loved the way this story ended and I can’t wait to see what happens for Liam and everyone else in this group of friends in the future.


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