Believe by Zoe Danielle


Believe by Zoe Danielle

Believe follows the story of Kate, whose marriage unexpectedly comes to an end when her abusive husband leaves her. Although, it’s probably a good thing, it still knocks her to the ground.

Needing a fresh start, Kate asks for a transfer in her company and moves to the UK for a six month period. Hoping this will give her the time she needs to clear her head and mend her broken heart.

That’s when she meets Luke.

Luke Bennett is a sexy, dirty, arrogant and an extremely alluring police officer who is interested in getting to know Kate better. Kate’s friends convince her to use this brilliant opportunity as a ‘distraction’ which will help her take her mind from her failed marriage and divorce proceedings.

But a one night stand quickly turns into something more as Kate finds herself falling for Luke…

Advanced readers have described Believe as an addicting read which will make your heart race and mouth water.

This is my first book by this author and I was extremely honored to be asked to review this for her.

The story starts with Kate, and her husband, Dale. To be entirely blunt, Dale is a jerk. I had an ex named Dale so it was extremely easy for me to loathe him. The way he treated Kate made my blood boil. It really did. With that said, as much as it pained me to watch Kate experience his abuse, I felt the author did a really great job with the thoughts that Kate would be going through. I felt like I was right in the room with Kate after Dale was telling her how ugly and worthless she was.

I enjoyed seeing Kate take her remaining strength and go to the UK for work. I think when you’re really beaten down, there are still glimmers of fight and I admired Kate took the sliver insider her and ran with it.

When she finally meets Luke, its a bar and she’s out with her co-workers, who encourage her to just have a one night stand with him. But one night stands sometimes turn into multiple nights…

The chemistry between Luke and Kate was smoldering. I loved Kate’s character; many times we see her reflecting on how Luke treats her nothing like Dale did. How he respects her and is admiring. He isn’t just giving her lip service, he does show her with his actions. Obviously, their physical chemistry is intense. One thing I loved about Luke and Kate is how they managed to push each other, but it was never some insane thing. Yes, they also push the boundaries sexually, but its never into a land of crazy fetishes.

Let me clarify: nothing wrong with crazy fetishes, but I don’t think either of these characters would have really fit that mold. It would have been forced, so I admired the author for restraining them.

I don’t want to give more of the story away, because of spoilers. I really enjoyed this book. The only parts of it I didn’t necessarily like was the ending because it felt like too much happening all at once. For me, I wished the conflict of her divorce came up sooner. There are other conflicts but I just felt they were a bit rushed at the end. Again, its not something that would deter me from this book, but from my personal perspective, I would have liked it spread out a bit.




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