Undeniable: Dom & Gigi by Callie Harper


Undeniable: Dom & Gigi by Callie Harper

Undeniable (Dom & Gigi)

Dom’s the one she couldn’t have. Gigi’s the one he couldn’t forget.
They haven’t seen each other for four years. He’s been serving in the Special Forces. She’s finished college. They’ve had time to move on. Neither one has.
Now there’s a death threat. Her family’s business has pissed off a drug cartel. Her life’s in danger.

They’re thrown together, on the run. He has to keep her safe. From everyone. Including himself.

NOTE: Undeniable is a standalone hot adult romance. It’s the fifth story in the Beg for It series—which can be read in any order—about the dominant, alpha males in the Kavanaugh family and the strong, sexy women who make them finally meet their match.


Holy smokes. You guys. I can’t even with this book. I finished reading it earlier and was trying to find nice, professional ways to say how much I loved it, but I am not coming up with anything that is adequately expressing my feelings. I LOVED THIS BOOK. Insert a ton of curse words to add emphasis to my love.

I could not put this book down once I started. I found Dom and Gigi to be incredibly addicting. When we meet Gigi, she’s 18 (close to 19) and Dom is 23. They have an immediate connection, but she’s a rich girl and he’s the son of a former MC President. This story passes through time as Dom and Gigi ebb and flow through their lives. Even when they try to stay away from each other, they still have one another in the back of their mind.  On paper, they don’t seem like they would go together at all. But both of them are far more than what they seem.

One thing I cannot stop thinking about is how seamlessly Callie Harper incorporated some other genres into this book, without it taking over her story. I will say this because you learn it pretty early on, but Dom is more dominant in the bedroom. He’s also got ties to his dad’s MC. (MC is Motorcycle Club, in case you weren’t sure what it meant). I really loved how the author incorporated these aspects into the story, without making the book be a kinky billionaire or another MC book. I don’t mind those types of books or characters, but I just enjoyed seeing Dom and Gigi being able to handle different aspects of their lives, while still being (somewhat) everyday people.

The sex scenes in this book are insane. I mean, everything was getting blurry and I assume it was from my kindle starting to steam in my hands. Not because it was 4AM and I was reading some of the sexiest scenes I’ve ever read. Dom and Gigi have a really intense physical connection. Dom is clearly more experienced, and Gigi is still learning. What I really liked was how even when it was a sex scene, Dom is still nurturing and loving. He wants to experience these things with Gigi and she wants to experience them with him. I enjoyed seeing both characters actively interested and wanting to explore their sexual desires together.

I could go on and on and on about this book. I liked so many things about it, but if I get further into all my love for it, I’ll end up telling you the entire story. But seriously, go one click this book. Callie Harper manages to incorporate many factors into this story but does so in a harmonious and flawless way.


The Revolution by S.L. Scott


The Revolution by S.L. Scott

A brand new full-length SEXY as SIN Rock Star STANDALONE by New York Times Bestselling Author of The Resistance.

My world was rock solid.

Until I saw her.

Lara Kessler showed up as if heaven sent her to me, and suddenly my priorities changed. Love is funny like that. One minute you’re living the dream, then BAM! Half my soul shows up backstage wearing a purple shirt and sexy skin-tight jeans, making me realize what I’ve been missing all along. Loving her means exposing a life I’ve tried to bury.

My heart had lost its beat.

Until I saw him.

Kaz Fabian caught my attention the moment I laid eyes on him. Love is funny like that. The famous guitarist was every woman’s fantasy–great face, chiseled jaw, cut biceps. The rock star was pure sex on and off stage, but his charm and charisma won me over. Loving him means burdening him with a life I’ve tried to leave behind.

With her future dim and his past in the spotlight, can they overcome their fate or will they just be another tragic love story?

This book is the latest from S.L. Scott, whom I absolutely adore. This is, technically, a standalone, but has characters from the Hard to Resist series. So you can read this by itself and everything will make sense, but you could also read the Hard to Resist series and get the other characters’ stories too. Which is something I intend to do.

I really don’t know what it is exactly, but rock star books are some of my favorites. This book is no different. Lara and Kaz have met before, but the timing has never been right for them. But things start to change as the opportunity to spend more time together joins these two together.

I really liked Kaz. I think my favorite aspect of his character is that he showed Lara he cared with his actions. Even when he was hurt or not sure where her head was at, he made sure that his actions reflected his feelings for her. At one point in the book, you start to see the big picture for Kaz and how he is working towards the life he wants. I truly admired that in his character. I also liked that he just does these things. He doesn’t need to consult with his friends before he acts. He follows what is in his heart.

I will be transparent here and say Lara was not my favorite character. With that said, based on the situations she encounters in the book, I felt her character was written correctly. I don’t want to give any spoilers but I will say that Lara does have an ex-boyfriend that she is dealing with.

I think Lara acts as a lot of women would have in her situation. So while I didn’t necessarily love her character, I do think she acted like a lot of women probably do. For that, I gained a lot of respect for the author. I think its easy, as a reader, to look at a character and be frustrated that they did one thing vs another. But this book takes on very real issues and sheds light on them. I thought that was truly invaluable. It made me see things differently than I originally did.

I would recommend this book. I loved seeing Lara and Kaz come together, despite the many road blocks that are in their way. Their story actually reminded me of a quote I heard once before, that with the right person, life can be restful. I think Lara and Kaz are the epitome of that quote. No matter what was going on, they could come together and everything would become better for them.

The Holiday Gift by RaeAnne Thayne


The Holiday Gift by RaeAnne Thayne


With two kids and an active life, widow Faith Dustin only wants peace and quiet for Christmas. But her snowy Pine Gulch ranch is nothing but chaotic. All that keeps Faith going is her helpful neighbor, cowboy Chase Brannon. He’s always been “good ol’ Chase,” her faithful friend. Until he kisses her under the mistletoe… 

Years ago Chase blew his chance with the woman he’s loved since childhood. Now he’s determined to step out of the friend zone…and into the role of husband. But the scared and stubborn Faith won’t let herself fall. With Christmas just days away, Chase will need all the magic of the season—and the help of her two matchmaking children—to unwrap a second chance at love.

The first thing I will say about this book is that it is a part of a series, and that is the Cowboys of Cold Creek. There are many other books in this series and you will enjoy this book a lot if you are familiar with the setting already. I, however, did not know this so I will admit to you all that I struggled with this book because it was so many characters and I kept feeling like I was missing something.

I was drawn to this book because of the Christmas theme, and I also love the concept of being near the Teton mountain range. I’ve visited this part of the country and this book definitely made me feel like I was right back there. The author creates stunning visual imagery for her readers and I felt like I was right there with our characters in Idaho.

If I’m being truthful, I really did not care for Faith much. I understood her hesitation over a relationship with Chase, but at times she was so obtuse. And I think the fact that she was purposefully obtuse just started to drive me a little crazy at times. This is one of those moments where I feel like having read other books in the series would have made this book more enjoyable. There is so much overlap in characters, I can safely assume that Faith has popped up in past books. I think I would have felt more favorably for her had I gotten to see her in other settings before this.

Chase was a great character. The way he continued to step up to help Faith, even when I didn’t think she necessarily deserved it, was admirable. I also respected that Chase respected Faith and what she had been through. He truly did know Faith well and his actions showed that. I think his actions is what made their love believable. The fact that Faith had to keep talking herself into it made it hard to see her as really in love with Chase. But his actions showed why she SHOULD be in love with him.

I can’t say I would recommend this book if you haven’t read other books from RaeAnne Thayne, or aren’t already familiar with this series. The book is well written and the story is complete. But for someone who wasn’t familiar with the rest of the series, I found it a bit hard to keep up with all of their characters and all the backstories that were going on. I would still rate this book highly; there isn’t anything wrong with it. But my personal thoughts are that I would have loved this book vs just liking it if I had been more familiar with the series.

Written in the Scars by Adriana Locke

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Title: Written in the Scars

Author: Adriana Locke

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Release Date: October 20, 2016



 Falling in love is easy.

Falling out of love is the hardest thing in the world.

And Elin and Ty Whitt are terrible at it.

The first time the local basketball star smiled at Elin, she was a goner. It was just so damn easy to fall for the dark-haired hometown hero with his charming smile and strong, athletic build.

Thousands of sleepy smiles, aimless drives down country roads, and squeaks of the backdoor after a swing shift later, reality hits. And it hits hard. Falling in love was definitely the easy part. Watching it break apart was impossible.

Through the tears, the second-guesses, the memories of a life built together, the world keeps spinning. With each turn comes clarity and hope—sometimes in the form of a pair of muddy boots by the back door or from the words of a wise friend.

When Ty shows back up with a new found determination to put his family back together, Elin’s torn between the fights of the past and the possibility of a new start. This is the man that holds her heart, the man she loves beyond anything else. But this is also the one person in the world that can cause her the most pain.

Life’s not always easy. Love’s not for the faint of heart. But with life comes lessons and Ty and Elin have the scars to prove it. But it’s their love written in those scars that will hold them together … or break them apart.



GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29996170-written-in-the-scars


 US: http://bit.ly/WITSAMZNUS

UK: http://bit.ly/WITSAMZNUK

Available in Kindle Unlimited




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“Locke has created magic!” – NYT Bestselling author SL Scott


“A book you must read—just keep the Kleenex close.” – NYT Bestselling author Melanie Moreland


“Written in the Scars is without a doubt one of the best books I’ve ever read, and I give it all the stars.” – author Rachel Brookes


“This book … one of the most emotionally powerful and beautifully written books I’ve ever read.” – BB Belle, Goodreads review


“A top read of 2016 … Impeccable and stellar!” – Dawn, Divas Book Lounge


“The words will seep into your soul.” – Books and Boys Book Blog


“What a beautiful book that left me in tears.” – Minxes Love Books

“There are no words to express how much this book affected me.”- Kristin, Book Lovers Obsession





As soon as the call is ended, my finger is in his chest. “You lied to me!”

“Calm down,” he scoffs, clearly entertained by my reaction.

“I’m not calming down! She called you. The girl that you didn’t do anything with.”

I start to march to the door, but his arm is around my waist, dragging me into his arms. “Will you stop acting like this?” he laughs. “What’s wrong with you?”

My arms pinned to my sides, I struggle to break free. “You are what’s wrong with me.”

“Tell you what,” he says, resting his head on the top of my head. “Let’s make a deal.”

“I don’t deal with liars.”

“I don’t normally deal with lunatics, either, but I’m making an exception tonight, so I guess you can too.”

The complete lack of fear or frustration in his voice calms me a little. I stop fighting to pull away.

“Let’s go in and have dinner with our friends. Then we can go to bed and I will tell you everything you want to know about her.” He plants a kiss to the back of my head. “And if you’re a good girl, I’ll let you have my cock after we’re done talking.”

“I doubt I’ll want it,” I sigh, trying to not succumb to him.

“There you go, lying again,” he laughs. Swatting me on my ass towards the house, I reach for his hand. He laces our fingers together and we head inside.


 USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke lives and breathes books. After years of slightly obsessive relationships with the flawed bad boys created by other authors, Adriana has created her own.

She resides in the Midwest with her husband, sons, and two dogs. She spends a large amount of time playing with her kids, drinking coffee, and cooking. You can find her outside if the weather’s nice and there’s always a piece of candy in her pocket.

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Wow. My mind is spinning right now. I feel like I can’t even complete a coherent sentence after finishing “Written in the Scars”. I’ve been waiting for this book for awhile (I’m pretty hardcore in my love for all things Adriana Locke). When I got the ARC, in all honesty, I was incredibly nervous. I knew this book would be different than others I’ve read.

To me, this book is Adriana Locke’s masterpiece. Its the piece of work that if you didn’t notice her before, now you will. I feel like I am going to sound like a broken record but this book is stunning.

This book starts with Elin and Ty already apart. Ty has left but we don’t yet know why. Elin is struggling with her own battles in Ty’s absence. I appreciated that the author wrote the book in this way. The reason I say that is when you separate, or are thinking of separating, all the little things don’t really matter. The reality is your marriage is falling apart. The arguments over dishes, money, etc…they don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Another thing I really admired was how Ty just made up his mind that he was going to fix things. His character wasn’t flaky about knowing what he had done wrong, and what he needed to do to fix it. As the story goes on, Elin’s anger still is pretty hot. I know some people might just want her to forgive Ty and move on, but I think it was extremely realistic for Elin to be confused, scared, unsure if she could trust Ty anymore.

During the story, we also meet Jiggs, Elin’s twin brother and his wife, Lindsay, along with their close friend, Cord. This supporting group was incredible. One thing I liked was seeing Jiggs and Lindsay struggle themselves. I think it provided the true perspective that not everything is perfect. You will always have disagreements.

I am going to stop my review here. The ending of this book was…I don’t even know. The word intense isn’t even close to adequate to describe the ending of this book. It went in a direction that, although it broke my heart, was necessary and I was happy to see the author give the characters closure in the way that she did.

I would absolutely recommend this book. It is on KU too, so if you have that, you can easily read it for free.



The Unified Theory of Love and Everything by Travis Neighbor Ward


The Unified Theory of Love and Everything by Travis Neighbor Ward

Emerson Wheeler has everything she ever wanted: two beautiful daughters, a reliable husband, and a modest gardening business in a small town. But after her estranged father commits suicide, she has to face facts. She’s been lying to people her whole life, and her unhappy marriage is keeping her from knowing her true self.

Finn Lowell is a married father of two and a Navy police officer. After a childhood of abuse he has a hard time trusting people. Soon he must decide whether to continue in active duty and risk being deployed overseas. If he quits, he can spend the summer at his lake house alone with his sons.

When Emerson volunteers to help Sybil Hay, a reclusive physicist, with her rundown estate in Delphi, Georgia, she’s in for a surprise: Finn works there in his free time. Emerson has only met him once through her husband, but it convinced her that spending time together could be dangerous because of their attraction. Equally dangerous are Sybil’s unconventional beliefs about love, which date back to a mysterious summer she spent with Albert Einstein.

After Sybil falls ill, Finn makes Emerson an outrageous offer that will test everything they stand for. And through it they will discover their deepest fears and dreams, while uncovering secrets they never knew.

In the literary romance THE UNIFIED THEORY OF LOVE AND EVERYTHING, Travis Neighbor Ward takes readers on a journey into the heart of marriage, friendship, and what it means to love someone.

Let me start by saying this story will not be for everyone. However, of all the books I have read, this one connected with me on several levels. If I am being honest, I thought this was one of the most beautiful pieces of literature that I have ever read.

From the synopsis, you can infer, accurately, that Finn and Emerson have an attraction to each other. Both of them are married, but not happily. Not entirely unhappy but they both recognize that things are not right in their marriage. In both of them working with Sybil at Hay Manor, they both start to open their minds more to what life is really about.

I know this story is really about Emerson and Finn, but in my opinion, I feel Sybil is truly the star of the story. Sybil was in love with Albert Einstein for four years and this book is sprinkled with quotes and thoughts on Albert Einstein’s theories and his life. We also see Sybil’s unconventional feelings on love and happiness. Sybil almost seems mystical in how well she can read Emerson and Finn, but I think in reality, it was her own life experience with love that helped her see through Finn and Emerson. Some might say she “poked the bear”, but I think Sybil’s character had the fortitude to know how fragile life truly is, and that we shouldn’t waste it.

The end of the book was not at all what I expected. I did read other reviews from readers on GoodReads, and some felt the end was rushed. I truly did not believe that to be the case. I think the author did a beautiful job at creating the realities of infidelity and when a family might be fracturing. It isn’t pretty or nice, but people experience it every day. Finn and Emerson have to deal with these issues or they cannot ever move on with their lives. They needed closure.

I would absolutely recommend this book. However, it is not a typical love story. Its classified as Fiction Literature>Romance. There are the themes of love in this story, but my true feeling is that love isn’t the whole point of this story. The truth of this story lies within ourselves, with facing the things we need to see, even when we don’t want to.

Sweet Haven by K.C. Lynn


Sweet Haven by K.C. Lynn


Two cups of an arrogant, dirty talkin’ firefighter who has an obsession with peaches and the forbidden girl who smells like them.

One tablespoon of a sweet schoolteacher trying to find her place in the world while attempting to resist her brother’s sworn enemy.

A slice of fate that has their hearts questioning the past and the consuming need they have for one another.

A dash of desire.

A pinch of rivalry.

A sprinkle of déjà vu.

Mix together in a large bowl to create a combustible passion and a future that neither of them could have ever predicted.

Bake at 350° for a rich serving of destiny and a love that could burn for eternity.

A timeless recipe that is sure to fill your heart with a generous helping of Sweet Haven.

This a longer length novella and is the second book in the Sweet series. It is told in dual POV, has an HEA, and no cliffhanger. Since Samantha and Jase are recurring characters from Sweet Temptation and Sweet Love, I recommend reading both books prior to this but it isn’t a must.

Warning: Due to mature subject matter, such as explicit sexual situations and coarse language, this story is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Since this cover was released, I have been anxiously awaiting this book. The cover is beautiful and for whatever reason, I am completely enchanted by it.

This story is Samantha and Jase’s love story and I really can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this book. I have a lot of respect for the author with this story. She could have taken this story down several different avenues, but she didn’t and I appreciated that. I say this because I felt the story was more authentic, not to mention realistic, being told as it is. I think adding too many other variables could have changed the entire dynamic of the story and it would have made it harder to really believe in Sam and Jase’s love.

Samantha is ranking pretty high on the favorite heroines of all time list right now. She was absolutely fantastic. I loved that her character was strong, yet could still be vulnerable. By Chapter One, I knew I liked Samantha (does anyone have some Tabasco?), and by Chapter Seven, I absolutely loved her. She was an absolute pistol!

Jase was also pretty fantastic. My favorite facet of his character was that he could man up to things. If he said the wrong thing, he immediately knew he had to make it right. When things got tough, he stepped up to the plate. I also loved that he knew to do the right thing. Jase Crawford is not the kind of man who asks for advice and doesn’t take it. He is easily one of the best male characters I’ve read.

I think one reason that Samantha and Jase’s love story really touched me deeply was that both of them were very self-aware. I don’t want to give any spoilers but I will say that Sam and Jase know to embrace what they have. It’s not a constant battle of wills. Some books, the couple fights so hard to not be together that by the end, you’re wondering how they even came together at all. But not Sam and Jase. I found that incredibly refreshing.

I would absolutely recommend this book. I know I just finished the book a few days ago but I have already found myself wanting to go back and re-read their story all over again. Sam and Jase have a love that sticks with you and I intend to enjoy it over and over.

Charge (Electric Series #1) by E.L. Todd


Charge by E.L. Todd

White-hot, blinding, and dangerous.

That’s exactly what Volt is.

He’s electric.

The first time I met him, my body reacted. It coiled, sizzled, and sparked. I knew I wanted him because he was the first man to make me feel dead and alive at the exact same time.

But within a short conversation, I knew he was unattainable.


Now we’re just friends.

But will we stay friends?

Just to be up-front, I read and am reviewing this book because I am a part of E.L. Todd’s review team. I really admire E.L. Todd’s writing and I feel like she has this really incredible way of managing to get her stories to touch your heart. When the characters are anguished, I always feel like I am right there with them, experiencing it right with them.

With that said, I sometimes have felt like her books are a bit too long, and in the past, its been somewhat hard because her books always leave me with a rollercoaster of emotions. So when I got the email about her new Electric series, I was nervous. Excited, but also nervous.

I’ve never given some of the feedback above to E.L. Todd directly but I feel like she was inside my mind with these books. These are much shorter books. This first book runs just over 200 pages (in contrast with the first book of the Timeless series, “Monday”, which is over 400 pages). Another different aspect is that this entire series is releasing at the same time. So instead of reading and waiting months for the next piece of the puzzle, we get it all at once.

This story was interesting and has aspects of it that recall the Timeless series and we do see “The Muffin Girl”, which was Frankie’s bakery in the Timeless series. However, I liked that while we see similar glimpses from past books, Taylor and Volt, are still very different from other characters that E.L. Todd has written.

Our story starts with Volt getting ready to propose to his girlfriend…only to see her kissing her ex-boyfriend a few minutes after leaving the jewelry story. Then the story flashes forward and we meet Taylor who is moving to New York City for a new teaching job. One of her co-workers, Natalie, invites Taylor to hang out with her and friends, thus the introduction of Taylor and Volt.

When the story starts, Volt is basically sleeping around, and attempts to sleep with Taylor, who turns him down. Then their friendship begins.

I enjoyed watching their friendship blossom. It’s really obvious that they both need a friend, but they definitely have a different kind of friendship. Everyone notices it but them. The progression of their feelings towards each other is written really well. I think sometimes we get so caught up in life, we might not realize what is standing right in front of us. This is definitely the case for Taylor and Volt.

I would definitely recommend this new series. E.L. Todd has made some great changes with this series while still maintaining the types of emotionally gripping stories that keep you coming back for more.

Here are the links for the rest of the series:

Book 2: Spark by E.L. Todd

Book 3: Burn by E.L. Todd

Book 4: Combust by E.L. Todd