Bend by Molly McLain


Bend by Molly McLain

The Hardass

Focused and in control at all times. Most people think I’m a prick–and I’ll be the first to admit that’s probably true. But I’d rather be a take-no-shit cop than the kind of man genetics says I should be. You break the law, you pay the price. I don’t give a damn if you’re the captain’s daughter or the Queen of friggin’ England.

The Princess

I have no patience for the cocky men my father oversees. Or maybe it’s just Sergeant Hardass who gets under my skin. Not only is he sexy as sin, he refuses to cut me a break. And now I have to work with the arrogant jerk.

I shouldn’t want him, but a secret part of me craves his unforgiving edge. He could give me everything I need, but, first, I have to break down his walls.

I have to make him bend.

Oh my gosh…I am absolutely LOVING this book. I am fairly certain that if I didn’t take breaks while reading, my kindle would have honestly exploded from heat this story packs.

Let me start by saying one of my favorite aspects of this book is that we take the concept of the hot male cop to a whole new level. We’ve seen the protective, sexy cop, but Sergeant Trent Clark takes it to a whole other level. Holy smokes!

Then we have Kinsey Malloy, the daughter of the captain. Kinsey is not what you expect in the heroine at all. She is hard-headed, strong, and intelligent. The reason I liked this juxtaposition was because a lot of times, we see the cop protecting the more meek female character. In this case, Kinsey has a lot of personality and she is not afraid to be bold. She just doesn’t always choose to show it.

For me, Kinsey was really the star of this book. The way she is throwing Trent for a loop was really one of my favorite parts of the story. Trent has always been attracted to Kinsey, but he stereotyped her into this prim and proper woman. When the reality is so far from that.

This book is only 154 pages long, according to Amazon. The reason I mention this fact is that even though the story is a bit shorter, Molly McLain manages to keep this story moving quickly. This story has complexities to it, but I never felt like anything was left unfinished.

I would absolutely recommend this book. The author has crafted a fast-paced, yet complex story about two people who come together in a way that seems normal, but is unlike other stories I’ve read. The sex scenes in this story are smoldering hot and I cannot wait for the next book in the Vegas Heat Series.


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