Star Pupil by Rochelle Paige


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Griffin Stone isn’t known for his patience, but he manages to endure the three months until Avery Rose’s eighteenth birthday to pursue her. The hot teacher has a plan…

Step 1: Get close to Avery by replacing her set teacher.

Step 2: Make the gorgeous young actress fall for him—just like he’d done with her at first sight from across the studio lot.

Step 3: Teach her the most important lesson of all—that she belongs with him.

Warning: The sweet story might be short, but it has plenty of sexiness and an alpha male who will do whatever it takes to get his woman.

Please note: Star Pupil was previously published in the Hot For Teacher anthology.

I normally don’t read novellas. This book is making me change my mind on that front. These things are like crack! I could not put it down and then I found myself one-clicking another one and devouring it.

That said, I also don’t normally go for the student/teacher romance. Something about it just never sits well with me; maybe its where my mind goes with it. But this book actually worked really well and I found myself enjoying the story a lot and it opened my mind to a concept that I normally am dismissive of.

This book is short, but extremely steamy. Avery is an up-and-coming actress who Griffin sees from afar. He’s immediately drawn to her, but he also knows she isn’t of age…yet. So he bides his time. When they do meet, the chemistry is undeniable.

One facet I really loved of Avery and Griffin’s relationship is that he bolsters her confidence. There are a few scenes where he is truly paying attention to Avery and really helps her stand up for herself. Those scenes were actually some of my favorite in the book.

I would definitely recommend Avery and Griffin’s story. I loved the way it was presented and to me, it really shows the talent this author has to make me like something that I normally would shy away from.


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