Bound in Darkness by Milly Taiden


Bound in Darkness by Milly Taiden

Lexi Eden’s life has always revolved around helping others in need. So when all her romantic relationships end in disaster, she blames it on trying to fix men who don’t want to be fixed. Enter Clacher. He’s big, bad and tattooed all over. And he’s got a tongue piercing that’s making her biggest wet dreams come true.

Clacher Drachen has hope he will find love one day, even though the last time he loved a woman she disappeared. Or maybe she left him on purpose. Lexi’s sexy, funny and a genuinely kind soul. In his heart, she’s the one for him. Just one taste of her and he’s addicted. He knows exactly what he wants: a family and a lifetime of dirty loving with the curvy empath.

News that Lexi is a Drachen mate comes as a surprise to all, but Clacher is sure she’s still his. Keeping her might not be so difficult if he could just find a way to protect her from the never-ending evil determined to destroy her.

Note to readers: This is a hot, action-packed, fun adventure of dragon love, babies, sassy women, dirty-talking alpha males and enough heat it will make you take a couple of cold showers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Milly Taiden’s books have long been a favorite of mine and her new, Drachen Mates, series is no different. I don’t really know how to articulate this, but somehow, Milly Taiden just makes things work. I don’t know how she does it, but she manges to take instalove and make it so believable, but also make the stories full of suspense and intense steaminess.

This story starts with Lexi helping one of her clients find a new job as a manager at a tattoo shop. While there, she meets Clacher, who she actually knows of through friends. The attraction between them is intense from the moment they meet.

Now, this is the second book in this series and I would definitely recommend reading the first book before this one. You can read this book and it will make sense (you can easily piece it together), but for myself, I wished I had read Book 1 first since I wasn’t totally familiar with why these other dragons would want to harm Lexi.

Many of Milly Taiden’s books feature anal sex, which I normally am not down with. I have Crohn’s Disease so I look at the anal area differently than most (just being honest). Yet, somehow, Milly Taiden makes it so incredibly sexy. I think part of that is because both characters are into it; we don’t really see the male character having to “convince” the female to try it. The women are into it.

Overall, I would recommend this book and this new series from Milly Taiden. The author takes paranormal and manages to not only modernize it, but infuse the history of the characters in a unique way.


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