Going to the 2017 RT Convention in Atlanta, GA?


Well, are you? We are officially 11 days away (a fact that slipped my mind until about 5 days ago- time really does fly!).

I’ve only been to one RT, but I’ve gotten the chance to go to other signings, and I felt like sharing some tips. If they help you, fantastic! If they inspire you on another idea that works better for you, that’s great too! I only share because when I went, I was alone and to tell you I was nervous would be an understatement. I truly had no idea what I was doing.

First things first: YAY!!! Welcome to the most amazing, crazy, fun, exciting group you will ever meet. Did you know that its estimated that over 3000 people attend the RT Convention? I mean…WOW!

This year we’re in Atlanta, Georgia! I can finally be the Georgia Peach that a Wisconsin girl never thought she’d be! The weather, as of posting, is estimated to be at highs in the mid 80’s, with lows in the 60’s. Humidity is in the 50-60’s. I know for some of you sweet southerners, this isn’t that warm. But its been barely 50 degrees in my part of the country.


You’re thinking, of course I’d look at the weather. But what about your skin, hair? I am someone who runs warm. But in non-stop AC, my hair literally looks like I was electrocuted. Now, you want to do what makes you comfortable. But you also want to feel confident. Expect to fangirl over someone. This will also warm you up. Also, remember all the other people attending. It can get warm. So its really great to think about how you run on average and what makes you feel the best about yourself. Plus, you most likely will take pictures and be in pictures. (I hope you don’t have to see it but I can assure you that I am an extremely unattractive sweaty person)

Tip 2: Wear comfy shoes! (You’ll hear this over and over…some of you won’t listen…I didn’t).

I do recommend that if you insist on fancy shoes (like myself *cough cough*), try them out ahead of time. Wearing your beautiful, super high heeled shoes with no wear beforehand is just asking for more torture than you’re already putting yourself through. You’ll be beautiful either way, but at least you will know you can rock those heels.

Tip 3: Relax. 

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Last year, I went alone. I’m going alone this year. I personally prefer to room alone and whatnot because it gives me a little alone time. I can leave stuff everywhere and not worry that I’m encroaching on anyone else’s stuff or room. But going alone also meant I was…alone. I was so incredibly nervous. I am not normally one to start random conversations. Its just not who I am. And I have resting bitch face. Like how would I ever meet anyone? I am telling you the honest truth that I had to sit and listen to Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” before I went to every event. It just got me feeling better.

But on some level, everyone is a little nervous. You certainly won’t be alone. And ironically, being alone forced me out of that nervous bubble that I really just wanted to hide in.

Tip 4: Meet Kathryn Falk. Love Her. That is all.

Kathryn is the person who started RT. She is so sweet. You have to meet her while you’re there, even if only for a moment to say hi. She is fantastic!

Tip 5: Bring snacks.

So last year was my first RT. I have to thank author Elle Boon for having Nerds in her swag because I am not joking when I say I lived on those Nerds for two days. That and alcohol. (I do not recommend this diet, for the record). So bring snacks. For example, this year I’m bringing Lucky Charms (a personal favorite), because I can have a few, and go. Yes, the hotels have restaurants and little general stores. But the first time I went to the one in Vegas and paid like,  $15 for a pop-tart, a pepsi (which I don’t even like) and a bottled water, I was regretting not having some of my own snacks. SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR BOOKS! 🙂

Tip 6: Meet new friends

Again, sounds easy. But maybe you aren’t that social. Or, like me, you have resting bitch face. One thing I started doing last year was literally trying to find something I liked about every person. Whether it was their hair, their shoes, makeup, eyes, tattoo, etc. I found something and tried to compliment them. The reality is some people don’t want to make new friends. Its just the truth. But I can tell you that starting off a friendship with a sincere compliment is a pretty okay way to do it.

Tip 7: Make a Plan

In my personal opinion, this is probably the most valuable tip. If there are authors you love, make sure you get to them. Last year, I missed having Kym Grosso and Jase Dean sign something for me. I cannot tell you how many times since last year I have regretted that. Still do. (Please excuse me while I fantasize about Jase for a moment…)

Okay, thanks, I’m back. If you’re rooming with someone you don’t know, make a plan on how you guys want to do something. I can honestly tell you that I’ve seen friendships ruined over someone thinking someone took their stuff, or they couldn’t get in the shower, money that was owed wasn’t paid. It just happens. But having a plan together will ease that stress for you and you won’t even have to worry about it.

Hopefully these tips helped you. Even if they gave you food for thought, that’s fantastic too. We’re less than two weeks out and I can’t wait to see everyone!


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