The Bohemian and The Businessman by Katy Regnery



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Priscilla Story, the self-proclaimed “wild child” of the straight-laced Story clan, has always had a knack for getting herself trouble. Except this time, her “growing problem” is going to require a Daddy sooner than later…or she can kiss her inheritance good-bye.

Shane Olson, who previously dated Priscilla’s sister, Margaret, isn’t opposed to a marriage of convenience for the sake of furthering his business interests, but Priscilla – with her wild ways – is just about the last woman he’d choose to marry.

In order to make the marriage look convincing, they end up having to spend more time together than they’d originally planned. When rolling stone, Priscilla, who lives by the seat of her muu-muu, and seriously-ambitious Shane, who’s had his whole life planned since he was eleven, start falling for each other, it’s going to take a whole lot of compromise for this Bohemian and her Businessman to find their happily ever after.


I can honestly say I went into the book not sure what to expect. I mean, I knew what it was about but I wasn’t sure it would be for me. It has so many things I don’t necessarily love (arranged marriage, hidden baby, etc). But somehow, it actually really worked and it was incredibly enjoyable. I think the reason why is that while we see a variety of tropes in this storyline, no one aspect really overtakes the entire story.

Priscilla and Shane have a bit of history between them. Not much, but its enough to plant the seeds of attraction. Again, I think that worked in this story. Had either one of their characters been way into one or the other, I don’t think this would have worked as well. Shane is a straight-laced Wisconsin farm boy. (He easily reminded me of a variety of guys I went to school with in farm country in Wisconsin) But he’s smart and ambitious and wants to be promoted at Story Imports. The issue is Priscilla’s dad only wants this company to be turned over to a male family heir. And he has none. But if Shane could marry one of the Story sisters, that would change everything.

Thus, our arrangement is made.

I really enjoyed Shane and Priscilla. Even though they have a marriage of convenience, getting to watch them get to know each other, and slowly realize their true feelings was refreshing. Everything is backward but its moving forward.

Fans of Katy Regnery will love this story. Even if this author is new to you, this lovely lighthearted story will have you swooning as you root for this incredible couple.


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