One Pissed Off Shark by Zack Scott


One Pissed Off Shark by Zack Scott

Ray and his friends have anger issues. So does the shark hunting them.

Let me start by saying this book is fairly sarcastic and satirical in parts. If that isn’t your thing, you won’t enjoy this book as much as I did. However, my sense of humor is intensely sarcastic and that way this story is presented cracked me up. I actually kept thinking of the movie “Burn After Reading” while reading this because the style kept reminding of that style of humor.

The story starts off just telling us about our characters, and how incredibly stereotypical they are. I know some readers wouldn’t like that, but I enjoyed it because this book is meant to have that tone to it. I also enjoyed just having a chapter where everything is out there. One thing I notice newer authors do is introduce so many characters and I get lost in them. But introducing everyone and their quirky attributes really worked for me.

There are horror aspects to this. My apologies to the author, but a part of me almost wished it had more horror in it. I frequently thought of Stephen King as I read this book. The style of writing where its almost a biting satire, and then utter shock and horror, and then right back to normal.

For me, I wish this author would write more horror, because I felt he shined here. I could see these carnal, deathly scenes coming to life. I also feel like this author could write a thriller that would probably scare me senseless. There is one scene in this book where its foggy, and no one can see land. Just the description of this black night, with fog keeping everything hidden is a scene that gave me the creeps.

I would recommend this book, if you enjoy this style of writing. I do and so I loved this book. I’m excited to see more from this author (he’s newer to me and I know he does have other work out).


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