Stalker, My Love by Zack Scott

Stalker,MY Love

Stalker, My Love by Zack Scott

An untraditional love story where fantasy clashes with reality, and happily ever after seems like an elusive dream.

Welcome to Pine Bridge, a small town rife with secrets. Personal is everyone’s business and passion is high.

With the disappearance of Rosalyn Ray, tensions soar and fingers point in every direction: the boyfriend, the best friend, the mother and the stalker.

Frustrated by the search going nowhere, Rhett Calloway makes it his mission to discover the truth and find the girl. Some people in Pine Bridge say he’s obsessed. Some say he’s dangerous. Some say he’s hurt Rosalyn. All Rhett knows is he’s loved Rosalyn since they were kids and he’ll do what it takes to see her again. 

So let me start with the basic “I really loved this book” thing and go from there. I try to find better ways to say it but lets just cut it down to brass tacks and that is that I loved the book.
One reason I enjoy books in the thriller genre, and especially books by good authors, is because it makes my mind work. If thrillers are done well, you should be feeling everything the characters are feeling and you should be tied up in knots because the anxiety, the pressure, the intensity should start to work on you.
I think one of the biggest reasons this book worked for me was that no character was really that great, in terms of me likability. I didn’t hate them, but I didn’t find myself loving them either.. In some books, you get your hero or heroine and you love them so hard. But in this book, everyone had parts of them that you just couldn’t like. Because of that, it kept my suspicions raised on everyone. I was constantly unsure of what really happened, or what didn’t happen.
In this story, we see Rhett daydreaming from time to time, and this also adds another level to the story. His daydreams are so vivid, so natural. I wanted to point this out because I think we normally associate someone being obsessed with someone else as having a perverse nature. Now, Rhett is attracted to Rosalyn sexually but most of his idle daydreams are not about that. They’re more about interactions with her, or spending time with her. Its very different than what I expected. Rhett is seen as a threat, but in reality, he’s probably the most loyal to Rosalyn.
I don’t know if this author grew up in a small town, but he captured the small town life quite perfectly. You always have your town royalty, someone owing someone else a favor, someone always in your business. This setting, again, adds another level of suspense because while everyone knows everyone, everyone has something to hide. Now whether the reason is nefarious or not is debatable, but people still want to hide.
The last thing I’ll mention about this book was the end. I really admired how the author chose to do this, even though it wasn’t what I necessarily wanted from the book. I kept wanting more closure for some of our group, but the thing is, that isn’t real life. In the small town of Pine Bridge, things have never been what they seemed and to give the town a cookie cutter ending wouldn’t have been doing right by them. So while I may not have loved the ending, I think this story ended the way it should have.
If you enjoyed Megan Miranda’s “All The Missing Girls”, you will love this book. You’ll be questioning everything you read because, as the reader, you don’t know who to trust. You can trust everyone and no one. What you think is happening might be real, but it might not be. This author wove an incredible tale and I could honestly go on and on about all the different oddities and complexities that I loved but I don’t want to kill the book for other readers.

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