Love Sex Music by Michelle A. Valentine


Love Sex Music by Michelle A. Valentine

Fame can disappear in an instant…

Fortune is a fleeting fantasy…

Laz Rawlings had them both, until he lost it all…

Laz, a former world-famous music producer screwed up everything thanks to his rock-n-roll lifestyle, but he’s been given an opportunity to prove his genius in the music industry wasn’t a fluke, and he’s hell-bent on not letting history repeat itself. But that’s proving difficult when the young singer he’s tasked with grooming has become the object of his every desire.

Life has been an uphill battle for Aundrea Newton, so when a sexy, tattooed stranger hand delivers her dream of a music career, she’s skeptical. Nothing ever comes easy, and she knows Laz has the power to crush both her career and her heart with his undeniable sex appeal and charismatic swagger.

When the line between mentor and student blurs, both begin to question what’s more important: Love, sex or the music.

**STANDALONE. No Cliffhanger**


If you wanted to call Laz sex on a stick, that would be putting it lightly. From the moment we meet him, the reader already knows that Laz could probably get whatever he wanted, whenever he wants it. Knowing he’s struggling only makes him more appealing. Laz was on top of the worlds, but his addictions derailed him. Now, he’s trying to make his comeback.

Drea, on the other hand, has a little bit of all of us inside her. She doesn’t really see herself as others do, and because of that, she shies away from attention. Not wanting to be in the limelight like her sister, Candace. But when Laz spots Candace and Drea at a nightclub, everything changes.

There are a few things I really loved about this story. Laz and Drea are truly two characters that have had highs and lows in life. And not just on a superficial level, but like major life events. I, personally, enjoyed seeing them overcome those problems and work through it. Another factor that I appreciated was how Laz and Drea opened up to each other. I hope this isn’t construed as a spoiler but I  dislike books where the characters are keeping secrets and then a huge blowup happens. Laz and Drea are open with each other for the entire book. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that.

I do wish this book had been a little longer. In the back half, there is a lot of action, which I loved. I appreciated all the places that the author took this story, I only wish it had a little more time to develop. I say this because in some parts, things felt a little rushed. It certainly wouldn’t be enough to deter me from recommending this book, I just wanted to know more.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. My favorite parts were honestly the more tender moments between Drea and Laz. I thought the author did a great job showing the reader why this couple was so attracted to each other and why they worked. It was a fantastic, quick read that should definitely be on your summer TBR list.



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