Dark Rites by Heather Graham

Dark Rites

Dark Rites by Heather Graham

The witches, they are real… 

A series of bizarre assaults is mystifying Boston police: an unknown attacker is viciously beating random strangers and leaving a note quoting an old warning about witchcraft. History professor Alex Maple was one of the victims, and now he’s gone missing. Vickie Preston is certain that someone has taken her friend for malicious purposes. She’s having blood-drenched visions that seem to be staining her waking life, and the escalating attacks suggest that a dangerous cult is at work behind the scenes—a cult so powerful that its members would rather die than be apprehended.

Vickie is grateful to have Special Agent Griffin Pryce and the FBI’s elite Krewe of Hunters on her side. She and Griffin are finding their way in an increasingly passionate relationship, and Griffin is desperately trying to keep her safe and the two of them sane amid the disturbing investigation. The search for Alex will take them deep into the wilderness of Massachusetts on the trail of a serial killer, and it will take everything they have to survive the ancient evil that awakens and threatens not just the man they’re striving to save but their very souls.

Heather Graham has been one of my favorite authors for awhile now. I adore her Krewe of Hunters series and I know I can always count on her for an amazing book. But with “Dark Rites”, Heather Graham really stepped into the epic authors category for me.

Our story starts with History professor Alex Maple going missing. He’s not entirely sure where he is or what’s happening to me. Someone wants the knowledge that Alex has. To survive, he has to find out where the mysterious “Jehovah” area is.

If you read “Dying Breath”, you already knew who Vickie and Griffin are. (If you didn’t read “Dying Breath”, you’ll still be able to follow this book). This aspect by itself is one reason that I love this author. This book could be the first one you’ve ever read by her and still understand everything. But if you have read the other books, this story becomes enhanced because you see a few past characters and it makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Vickie and Alex have become friends and when Alex doesn’t show up for their dinner plans, she knows something is amiss. Alex is intelligent, considerate, and the kind of friend everyone would want to have. Vickie immediately gets Griffin involved and what they find is nothing short of horrifying. As they go through Fall River to the forests of Western Massachusetts, the mystery only intensifies.

As the victims continue to add up, the Krewe digs deeper and deeper into the history of Massachusetts. For me, this is one of the best aspects of a Heather Graham book. I love the history melded into the mystery. It really adds an extra element to the story and I find myself unable to put these books down.

If you love history, mystery, and romance, this book is for you. Heck, the whole series is for you. This is the kind of story that will keep you up all night for all the right reasons.



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