An Endless Kind Of Love by Krista Lakes


Buy it here: An Endless Kind Of Love by Krista Lakes

“I thought you were beautiful the first time I saw you in the rain…”


The sudden death of Dylan’s father was a wake-up call.

After pouring a decade of his life into his company, Dylan felt like had nothing to show for it. No wife, no kids, no family. With no destination in mind, he sells his company and wanders the world, eventually finding himself in Silver Springs…


Bonnie Kincaid is also on the run… for her life. The police can’t keep her safe. Things look hopeless when her car breaks down in the remote mountains of Colorado. A handsome man rescues her, fixes her car, but also gives her a reason to stop running. For the first time in a long time, she feels safe.

Unfortunately, both Bonnie and Dylan’s pasts catch up with them, and in order to put down roots to grow a family, they have to stop running.

But they aren’t finished with her yet…

Sometimes, running can lead you where you were meant to be all along…

Bonnie is running from trouble that really isn’t her own. Dylan is running from the stress of his own life. Dylan decides to help his friends, Mia and Carter at their Mountain Hope Ranch in Silver Springs, Colorado. Bonnie enters the picture when she tries to gain a scenic view and her old, beat-up car just can’t quite make it. A little luck leads her to the ranch, where Dylan opens the door and everything changes.

One thing I really enjoyed about this story was that we see both Dylan and Bonnie gaining some insights into themselves, and it was sweet to see. For Dylan, he wasn’t happy just working. Doing something that makes a difference was valuable for him. For Bonnie, you could tell she didn’t like being on the run. She doesn’t want to be running. I think seeing her realize that although her life is changing, she can still help special needs children, and still have her own life, was really powerful. So many times, things don’t go as we expect and we might let ourselves become derailed in the process.

The one part of the story that I didn’t like as much was the suspense. I feel like I understood the need for some drama in the story but I felt like it was a bit unnecessary.  I found it to be more distracting, when Bonnie kept referring to “them”. Again, I understood it, I just didn’t love it.

Overall, this book is sweet, loving read. A lot of readers will enjoy seeing Bonnie and Dylan find love, and also to see their paths before each other.



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