Hidden Seams by Alessandra Torre

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From a New York Times Bestseller, a story of a billion-dollar fortune, and the sex, lies, and betrayal that surround it…

I’ve worked a decade for this fortune. I’ve sold my soul and my reputation. I’ve lived a lie, smiled for the cameras, and hated myself, all for this empire.

And then … she pops up. A mysterious heir with a rap sheet, combat boots, and a mouth that I want to pin shut with my– It doesn’t matter.

I’ve played this game for a decade. I can continue the charade a little longer, keep my hands to myself and her body out of my mind.

I can keep my secret until the ink dries and everything is mine.
Or not.

When I think of Alessandra Torre, the first word that comes to my mind is refreshing. With her latest release, Hidden Seams, she continues to be a dynamic and refreshing writer, spinning tales that manage to surprise the reader, while still maintaining the style that her readers love.

Marco is one intriguing man. I don’t want to call him troubled but he’s got some issues that he needs to work out. The more we learn about Marco, the more you feel for him. He’s gotten himself into a beneficial mess. The problem with a mess? You still have to clean it up at some point.

Avery is exceptional. I loved her the moment I met her. I feel like no words I use are adequate to describe her. She’s rough around the edges, caring, curious. She isn’t going to put up with just anything. She’s street smart and knows how to handle herself. That said, she does still have a vulnerable and naive side to her. We see that peak out from time to time and for me, that only made me love her character more.

This book is an easy read, and I managed to stay sucked into the story from the minute I started. I tried taking a break and I found myself wondering what was happening and what could happen next. You could easily lose yourself in this story.

The chemistry, and in particular, the sex scenes in this book are fantastic. You could feel the sexual tension between these two. You honestly could feel the intensity and passion of these two characters; it felt like it jumped right off the page. It was fantastic.

If you like books that take your preconceived ideas and twist them up, you’ll love this book. You would also love this book if you want to feel like you are right in the story. Everything just jumped off the page and I could see it so vividly in my mind. An absolutely amazing book from Alessandra Torre.




Don’t Go by Alexa Riley


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CEO Henry Osbourne has only ever desired one woman—the one who got away. New York Timesand #1 ebook bestselling author Alexa Riley returns with Don’t Go, a virgin-hero insta-love contemporary romance in the For You series

I’ve spent the past ten years convincing myself that what I felt for her was teenage infatuation. That love so consuming couldn’t be real. Then everything went to shit, and in an instant, she was gone.

Kory Summers knew returning to New York meant running into Henry. The way her heartbeat picked up at just the thought was nervousness—not anticipation. Oh, no. She never expected to find him on her doorstep looking as handsome as ever.

She’s mine. She always has been. I’ve waited this long for her…but time’s up. I’ll use all my power, all my connections, to convince her she’s the one.

Kory ran from a boy, but a man of power and persuasion now stands in his place.

This book is approximately 20,000 words

I really loved this novella. I wanted to make that sound fancier but the truth is that I enjoyed this novella a lot. It was a perfect combination of sexy and romantic, while keeping the alpha male that Alexa Riley readers know and love.

Henry and Kory met in high school. Henry had been watching Kory and finally worked up the courage to ask her to prom. But things don’t always go as planned.

One thing I enjoyed about this story was Kory was so intelligent and respected herself. We see this incredibly smart high school girl, and then we see her in the future, and she is just as smart and quick-witted. She’s only grown into herself more, and I appreciated that. It was great development for a character in a novella.

Henry’s character is really sweet. He’s romantic, but it never comes across as cheesy. It always felt genuine. Of all the books I’ve read from this author (and I’ve read a lot), this couple and their love story is probably one of my all-time favorites.

If you’ve enjoyed this author already, or you’ve been reading their “For Her” series, you will definitely want to check out this novella.

Black Light Redux Cover Reveal!

Title: Black Light: Roulette Redux
Authors: Livia Grant, Jennifer Bene, Renee Rose, 
Alta Hensley, Sue Lyndon, Maren Smith,
Measha Stone, Maggie Ryan, & Jane Henry
Publisher: Black Collar Press

Genre: Romance Anthology
Cover Design: Eris Adderly
Release Date: February 8, 2018
Three hours.
Four hard limits. Nine hot stories.
The most wicked
game in the world of BDSM is back for another night of fulfilling your dirtiest
Black Light is the
top BDSM club in Washington, D.C. and last year they shocked everyone with
‘Valentine Roulette’. Now, it’s the month of love again, and that means it’s
time to play this naughty game of chance! With tempting new kinks and daring
new participants, ‘Roulette Redux’ will bring you all the heat you can handle
as these sexy dominants spin to win their submissives, and the subs spin to
choose which kink they’ll play. Their prize if they last the night?
One free month at Black Light, and for some lucky participants… even a chance
at love.
Valentine’s Day with nine kinky stories from nine USA Today and international
bestselling authors!

“Brat” by Livia Grant
“Unrestrained” by Jennifer Bene
“Forced” by Renee Rose
“Edge” by Alta Hensley
“Doctored” by Sue Lyndon
“Shameless” by Maren Smith
“Confession” by Measha Stone
“Surrender” by Maggie Ryan
“Taken” by Jane Henry

Contributing Authors

Something So Irresistible by Natasha Madison


Something So Irresistible by Natasha Madison

The third installment in the best-selling Something Series

Max Horton

They call me an outcast like it’s a bad thing.

An asshole byproduct of a shitty upbringing. I don’t care about anything except myself and my little sister.

I will always protect what’s mine.

With one year left on my hockey contract I’m keeping my head down and my eyes on the goal.

A collision, with her, changes my entire existence.

Allison Grant

Never fall in love with a sports star. That’s what my stepfather always said. He told me athletes are complicated and moody—that the higher their paycheck, the lower their morals.

As public relations for the New York Stingers I know exactly what he means, but I can’t seem to say no to a friendship with one beautiful, damaged man.

What started out as hate turned into something else.

We tried to stay away, to keep our distance, but the pull was too strong.

Something forbidden turned into something so irresistible.

I’ve read the first two books in this series, and really enjoyed them. But Max’s story is one I was dying to read. Even when I finished Matthew’s book, “Something So Perfect”, I knew I wanted to read about Max. These books are interconnected standalones, so you can read them by themselves if you’d like.

The synopsis summarizes the book great. I want to talk about why I loved this story.

Some tropes I am just a little burnt out on are friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, and forbidden love. I do enjoy these concepts from time to time but for the most part, they aren’t my thing. Then I get Natasha Madison who takes tropes I normally shy away from, she tosses them around and completely makes them new, and I end up loving it. This is exactly why I love reading her books.

Another aspect I loved is that Max Horton is already a bad boy. He’s doesn’t become a good guy because of Allison. He’s somewhat misunderstood but he’s evolving as a person and figuring out what is important to him in life. I loved this because I’m someone who firmly believes people only change when they are ready to. So seeing a male character getting himself together before the girl enters into the picture was appealing.

The love between Allison and Max is a slow burn. For their love story, they needed that simmering tension and friendship to get to the lovers standpoint. I can honestly say this story was really rewarding because when Allison and Max start to really fall for each other, you find yourself rooting for them. I wanted them to win as a couple because I was able to be really invested in each character.

If you enjoy sports romance, enemies to lovers, and a secret love, then you’ll love this book. Even if you don’t enjoy some of these tropes, I think you’d love this book. Allison and Max have such a strong connection to each other and this book was easily one of the best actual love stories I’ve read.

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendriks and Sarah Pekkanen


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When you read this book, you will make many assumptions.
You will assume you are reading about a jealous ex-wife.
You will assume she is obsessed with her replacement – a beautiful, younger woman who is about to marry the man they both love.
You will assume you know the anatomy of this tangled love triangle.
Assume nothing.

Twisted and deliciously chilling, Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen’s The Wife Between Us exposes the secret complexities of an enviable marriage – and the dangerous truths we ignore in the name of love.

Read between the lies.

This book is eerie. I struggled to come up with the right word. But eerie seems the best way to describe this tale of new and old lives interconnecting.

Vanessa and Richard were once married; living their happily ever after in a nice home, surrounded by their wealthy friends and fancy things. But then, Richard meets “the replacement” and everything changes for Vanessa.

Vanessa’s character broke my heart. I would feel like I hated her, then could sort of understand her, and I’d move onto annoyance with her behavior and then I’d go back to heartbreak. The authors captured her despair, abandonment, and chaos exquisitely.

Nellie is the soon-to-be new wife to Richard. Nellie is cookie-cutter. She’s this sweet young woman, who teaches preschool, waitresses at night, and somehow manages to find “the one” in Richard. He never wants to talk about his ex and Nellie never pries. She has her own issues that she isn’t sharing either.

One thing about this story is that it moves slowly. This isn’t a fast-paced action thriller. It  sort of carries on, as if it’s on a nice Sunday stroll.  It just is. I think that fact is what lulls the reader into comfort. You think you’re reading about these two women, and their lives. The thrill in this story is how normal it seems. Men and women get married and divorced all the time. Relationships break apart. It could happen to anyone.

Another thing that I didn’t like initially but started to appreciate the more I thought on it is this book has several twists and turns. I figured out one but because this story is so dynamic, figuring out one of the twists didn’t ruin the whole story. You can understand one portion of the puzzle but you still don’t see everything.

This book is reminiscent of “Gone Girl” and “The Girl on the Train”. If you enjoyed either of those stories, you will enjoy this one. I’ve heard a lot of buzz that this book is also being turned into a movie, and I’m not surprised to hear that at all. This book is dynamic, terrifying, and downright eerie. Readers will not be disappointed.


Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy


Buy it: Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy

Beautiful. Perfect. Dead.

In the peaceful seaside town of Cape Bonita, wicked secrets and lies are hidden just beneath the surface. But all it takes is one tragedy for them to be exposed.

The most popular girls in school are turning up dead, and Penelope Malone is terrified she’s next. All the victims so far have been linked to Penelope—and to a boy from her physics class. The one she’s never really noticed before, with the rumored dark past and a brooding stare that cuts right through her.

There’s something he isn’t telling her. But there’s something she’s not telling him, either.

Everyone has secrets, and theirs might get them killed.

If mean girls got murderous…

Let me start by saying if “Pretty Dead Girls” by Monica Murphy is any indication of the quality of books that readers will get in 2018, then we are a lucky group. This book had my heart racing and I couldn’t put it down. I tried several times and I kept coming right back because the story stayed with me that intensely.

This story is set in the wealthy, northern California coastal town of Cape Bonita. It’s wealth, beauty, and over-achievement in every corner. This includes the students at Cape Bonita Prep School. The school even has a special group for ten ambitious female students, called the Larks. Unfortunately,  the Larks seem to be targeted for a different reason these days.

This story is told primarily from Penelope Malone’s viewpoint. However, we do see glimpses of our killer. Our villain is cold and brutal. The girls of the Larks are ferocious in their pedigrees but this killer could care less. One aspect I really enjoyed about the villain here is how hard it was to figure out who it was. You aren’t entirely sure if this is a male or a female, you never know what time frame in history the characters are talking about. It never becomes confusing, you only become more curious about the killer and their victim and how on earth they got to the position they are currently in.

Penelope is the president of the Larks and has sometimes been called “the queen”. I enjoyed her character a lot and I have to applaud the author for not only having the suspense and action in this story, but the characters were still exceptionally developed. When we initially see Penelope, she’s so rigid and over-extended. She’s got big plans and there is nothing getting in her way. When she sees her friends being rude, she takes it in stride. Seeing her character evolve throughout this story was enjoyable. There was one scene in particular where Penelope snaps back at someone and I admit I quietly cheered her on as I read along.

Penelope isn’t trying to solve the mystery alone, as she ends up teaming up with Cass, a guy from her class. He’s mysterious but it’s not necessarily in a bad boy, scary way. He’s just unknown and somewhat misunderstood. Everyone in town has secrets and Cass happens to know about a lot of them. It was interesting to watch he and Penelope’s relationship grow, as they are not only getting to know each other, but also trying to figure out who the killer is.

If you enjoy Scream Queens, Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, The Vampire Diaries (there is no paranormal but there is a similar vibe), I think you would love this book. I read this in a day because it was that captivating and I needed to know what happened. A fantastic book; I would definitely read this one again!