Justice by K.C. Lynn


Buy it here: Justice by K.C. Lynn

Fate made us brothers, loyalty made us family.

A bond that runs deeper than the Mississippi, my brothers and I might not have the same DNA but what we share is far more powerful. Our loyalty to one another and the man who made us a family is stronger than those bound by blood.

The most sought out sharp shooters in the country, our paths were certain, before one woman changed my life and altered the relationship I have with my brothers.

Ryanne Lockwood disappeared without a trace but her memory never faded, torturing me on the darkest nights. Until a twist of fate leads me back to her, sending our worlds to collide once more, and this time, there will be no escaping me.

Justice Creed’s bad boy appeal caught my attention from the moment he rolled into town. For years I watched from afar, swallowing up the rumors that surrounded him.

Until we shared a night of forbidden passion. One that destroyed my heart and reshaped my soul, and it sent me fleeing from the only town I’ve ever known.

Now, years later, he’s barged back into my life, uncovering a secret I’ve worked so hard to keep and it’s one that will change our lives forever.

I try not get excited about books before they are released. Silly, right? But when I hear about a book for too long, I usually find it to be a letdown. That is NOT the case here. I’ve been seeing teasers for this book for months and it lived up to every single expectation I had.

One of my favorite aspects of this story is how traditional tropes are here, but they’re manipulated and they feel fresh again. One example of that is Justice and Ryanne’s relationship. They’ve known each other since high school. But they weren’t technically high school sweethearts. But when they reconvene, everything comes right back. So you get the longer lasting connection with the characters, while still introducing new ideas and taking the characters in different directions.

I think that KC Lynn writes some of the sexiest and most intense sex scenes. The passion that the characters have for each other jumps off the page. One thing I really loved about Justice was how he would push Ryanne’s boundaries but she was still in control. He definitely took their sex to a whole other level and it was incredible.

One person we meet in this story is Thatcher Creed, who is Justice’s father. The reason I mention him is because he encompasses the whole theme, which is love. Even though the Creed brothers and Thatcher have been through some awful things, Thatcher’s message to his sons always comes back to love. His character definitely touched my heart.

I enjoyed this book. It was a really easy to get lost in Justice and Ryanne and watching their evolution was really endearing. Again, I don’t usually get excited over books. But by the end of this one, I was dying for the stories on the other brothers. I got really wrapped up in this family and I loved every minute of it.




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