Calico by Callie Hart


Calico by Callie Hart

*** STANDALONE contemporary romance, with hints of darkness. This novel contains serious themes of violence that some readers might find uncomfortable***


Twelve years ago, I ran to stay alive.

Port Royal, South Carolina, was my home. I was born there. I fell in love there. And I nearly died there. I never thought I’d go back. Now, after so many years, I have to return to bury the man who made my life a living hell. Some nights, I used to cry myself to sleep, praying my father would die. Other nights were different. Other nights, there was him.

Callan Cross.

My first confidante. My first kiss. My first love. My first everything: Callan was the glue that held me together when everything else was falling apart. He was my savior. He was there for me whenever I needed him…

Until he wasn’t.

Every night, I’ve seen the love of my life in my sleep.
I just never thought I’d have to face him again.


Twelve years ago, I f*#@ed up big time.

Living life through a camera lens is sometimes easier than dealing with it head on. Scratch that. It’s always easier. For over a decade, I’ve been a master of my art, taking photographs all over the world. Yet despite all of the countries I’ve visited, the amazing things I’ve seen, the beautiful women I’ve screwed, my heart has remained in pieces.

Coralie’s the only woman I’ve ever loved, will ever love. And I’m determined to show her that we’re meant to be together. Even if it means unearthing the bones of the past in the process.

A lifetime and a thousand miles have stood between us.
Now, there’s no length of time I won’t wait, no distance I won’t travel, in order to make her mine.

I think one of the traits that make an author really special, for me, is when they manage to get me to like something I normally hate. Callie Hart is one of those authors for me. She can take topics that would normally make me uncomfortable and make me see everything with new eyes.

In “Calico”, we meet Coralie and Callan, both in the past and present. I think I would describe both of them as functioning dysfunction. Weird combo, right? But these characters are raw and flawed and exquisite, all at the same time. Both have major issues from the past, with themselves, each other, and the hand they’ve been dealt in life.

Callan Cross might be one of my favorite characters of all time. He is…indescribable. He’s romantic in the right way. There are times in this book where he is truly baring his soul, and it’s this beautifully visceral moment. Coralie has a lot of issues and Callan is this mix of tender and hard all at the same time. This couple should easily be the definition of “soul mates”.

There are dark factors in this story, and this is where I feel the author really shines. If you’ve followed my blog at all, you almost never see a review for dark romances because they are not my preference.

But Callie Hart is my exception. I never feel like the darkness is glorified. It may be a part of the story, but I never feel like the darker aspects becomes romanticized or turned into some weird fetish. Bad things DO happen. They happen to these characters. It’s a part of their story. I think that’s why when Callie Hart releases a book, I know the story will be done justice.

If you want a book that will make you feel everything, then this is the book for you. There are sad moments, beautiful moments, and moments that will make you feel like your soul is shattering. It’s exquisite and I cannot recommend this story enough.



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