Find Me Alastar by T.L. Swan


Find Me, Alastar by T.L. Swann

He outbid me, that was our initial interaction.

He was cocky, my first impression.

Then he stole my heart, I don’t even think he noticed.

Alastar O’Shea was full of sexual energy, the things he would say, the addictive things he would do.

He knew how to make me come undone.

He knew how to love me.

He was the best experience of my sheltered life.

But do you ever really know who someone is?

What if the story I know isn’t the story at all?

I thought I knew him.

I was wrong.

 I finished this book yesterday and I have spent the time since trying to figure out what to say in this review. I didn’t care for this book initially, and then by the end, I thought the author was a complete genius and was beyond impressed with the story.

I will say this book is different than anything I have read before. The synopsis above doesn’t do it justice at all.

This book starts with Emerson moving to London, with her best friend, Brielle. Emerson and Brielle have both just gotten out of relationships that were going nowhere. Both girls are working, and just adjusting to their new lives when Emerson meets Alastar aka Star in an antique shop. He and Emerson are both vying for the same ring, (Alastar claims its for his mother) but Emerson is the one who ends up leaving with the ring.

As this book went on, many times I found myself wanting to kill Alastar. He really gives Emerson the run around a lot, but when he’s with her, he’s beyond head over heels in love with her. In all honesty, some of this book was hard to get through until I got to the end and everything made sense.

This book will leave your head spinning. It does NOT end in a cliffhanger or anything like that. However, you will be confused at times. You will think you know what Alastar is doing, but you won’t even be close to guessing accurately. You’ll wonder what is happening with Emerson. Again…you’ll be guessing wrong the entire time.

This book would be great for someone who wants to try something different, or if you love solving a puzzle. This book is well written and extremely well thought out. I was beyond fascinated by how this author constructed this entire story, because a lot of thought had to have gone into every little detail. You will take a chance on this book, but its absolutely worth it.