Becoming Blue by Angie Brashears


Becoming Blue by Angie Brashears

Every single thing I’ve been taught not to do…I just did.

Talk to a stranger? Check

Get in a car with a stranger? Check

Go to a second location? Check

Go into a stranger’s house? Check

Take candy from a stranger? Check

If this is a kidnapping, it’s the kindest one I’ve ever heard of.

I’m living a fat girl fantasy. Snatched from a Weight Watcher meeting by a powdered-donut eating stranger, was by far the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me. Who knew I didn’t need to make appointments or attend meetings to have someone to talk to. A Friend. Two Friends. A dark, intense stranger. Secrets.

Everything I ever wanted, and something’s I didn’t. Not every tasty treat is for eating.

To each his own….right?

Mature theme, sexual content, may contain triggers…you’ve been warned

Let me start by saying this is not your average love story. This book deals with some darker themes, along with some fetishes that are definitely beyond what we normally hear about.

Our story starts with Sara, no H, at a weight loss meeting. Sara attends these meetings but nothing ever clicks for her. But at this particular meeting, she meets Sasha, who has decided to rescue Sara and simultaneously recruit her to join Chubby Chasers.

I know this is the debut book for Angie Brashears and I have to applaud her for taking this book in directions that I don’t think many debut authors would want to go in. Just being up front, this book won’t be for everyone. And even for myself, it took me a bit to warm up to the story line. The one thing I really liked about that is as the reader is warming up to new ways of thinking, so is Sara. She’s also learning to change her way of thinking and opening her mind to new possibilities.

Chubby Chasers is basically a web cam service. The women who work there might partake in other fetishes for their client, such as BDSM, but it can also include feeding. That’s where Javier aka Javi comes in. He’s primarily the resident handyman around the house. But as our story continues, his relationship with Sara grows. Sara’s “stage” name is Blue. The thing about Javi is that he’s a feeder…and he’s got a darker side. One that Blue has no idea about.

For a debut novel, this book is fantastic. The author seamlessly introduces to this cast of characters, all while keeping the story going in one direction. The story does handle topics that I can honestly say I’ve not read before. Even though they may be topics that one isn’t comfortable thinking about, the story is extremely refreshing in the fact that its something different.

I would absolutely recommend this book. I loved seeing a debut novel written so well. Furthermore, I admire the courage and bravery that it takes to not play by the “romance rules” and to push an idea that isn’t the norm.

*This book is the first in a series. The second and third books are out now**


Tuscan Heat by Anise Storm


Having known each other since birth, Mario De Palma and Melania Barone fought worse than siblings. That all changed one evening when dueling tempers exploded into a night of passion and desire under the Tuscan Heat.

Three years later, Melania finally has all she’d ever dreamed of… a successful Italian restaurant… a group of close knit friends who were more like sisters… and a single lifestyle on the shores of South Beach. Occasionally she wanted more, but two out of three wasn’t bad.

After enjoying world-wide culinary success, Mario returned to South Beach intending to open a restaurant of his own. That isn’t the only reason he returned to Florida, though. He moved home to claim the one woman who hadn’t left his mind since their night together in Italy.

More than tempers explode when they reunite, especially once she believes that he’s out to sabotage her restaurant. Will Mario be able to convince Melania of the truth before a force of nature threatens to end that dream forever?

“Tuscan Heat” is a new book from Anise Storm, and it follows Melania and Mario from childhood to adulthood.

Melania is basically a high-functioning brat. She is just such a high-tempered, over the top personality. The thing is, she is only that when she is interacting with Mario and her family. With her friends and employees, it was like an entirely different person. It was somewhat off-putting to me because she is living in a luxury condo, with everyone driving a luxury car, and then she’s sort of treating her core family group like garbage.

Mario, on the other hand, actually comes off fairly endearing throughout this book. Basically, he’s been in love with Melania for years, and is now trying to actually act on it. However, I didn’t think he went about it in the best way. He went from being very endearing to sex obsessed and then semi-dominant at the end. This book went from focused on love to focused on sex and kept swinging.

I know people, and ultimately characters, can be multi-faceted but these characters gave me a bit of whiplash.

One thing I did really like about this book is that we do see Melania’s friends throughout the book and the great relationship she had with them. However, what confused me on that was why it was mentioned so much in the book. Partway through, I was not entirely sure if the book was focusing on the love story of Melania and Mario, or the friendship with her friends.

I think this book has great promise and I can say that I read the book fairly quickly as its 156 pages in length. This is just my personal opinion, but I feel like if the author chose a focus and stuck with it, this book would be even better. She has a great story going and it definitely kept my attention. It was just that several times I found myself sort of feeling like the characters behavior seemed off-kilter or the book went in a direction that not aligning with the story well.

I liked the overall premise of this story, but one thing that sort of left me feeling conflicted was that this seemed to be a lot of stories in one. We go from this friends to enemies to lovers story, great friendship story, sort of luxury Miami living and back and forth. Then at the end, there is a slight touch of BDSM. Because things kept moving, it made it hard for me to really cement in my feelings on the characters or the love story itself. This may not bother the average reader and I don’t really deduct “stars” based on my feelings for this.

I would definitely love to read more from this author and I would be excited to see what she comes up with in the future.