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Being released from prison, Xander Evans needs to find the sister he hasn’t seen in years. She holds the key to healing a past he hasn’t come to terms with. That desire has him making the difficult decision of leaving Paige behind. When he discovers just how much trouble Gabriela is in, he fears even he can’t help her survive.

After an ugly separation from the Army, Gabriela Michaels fell in with the wrong crowd. With a drug deal gone wrong, she now has a month to pay back more money than she ever could… or see her life come to a swift end.

Her former flame, Shane Presley, must unite a band of Broken Outlaws to save the woman he’s always loved.

You know, one of my favorite things about new authors is watching them grow. Actually, I love that about any author. When they stretch their wings, challenge themselves, take on new topics. I can honestly say that my respect for BT Urruela, as an author, really grew with this book.

The first thing I will say is that if you read “Into the Nothing” when it originally came out, a few things have changed. I do believe those updates are already online, so if you have it, my impression is you can get the updated version. The reason I mention this is because if you just start “Into the Blood”, some of the timeline will seem off to you.

Normally, I wouldn’t like this but in this case, I thought it was amazing the author did that. One thing that really bothered me in “Into The Nothing” was that Paige’s dad has an ending that I felt needed more time dedicated to it. That is one of the changes and to me, it was so appreciated and worth it. Jack is a really pivotal character to both Paige and Xander.

Moving on to Gabi and Shane. These two were dynamic. We meet Gabi when she has gotten herself into a royally huge mess. I am talking very serious trouble. Not like what we might normally see in a “romance” novel.

There is a trigger warning at the beginning of this book because there is darkness to it. I normally don’t like darker books just because they bring me down. I enjoy reading to escape. However, that said, I do enjoy the darkness when it actually makes sense. And in this story, it made absolute sense. When we learn everything that Gabi has experienced, it made me think. I distinctly remember feeling terrible for her and everything she went through. I wanted to literally find her and help her. Its been awhile since a book brought out that emotion for me.

This book also felt a lot more like the author to me, if that makes sense. This was definitely more action and grit and I felt like that fit this author a lot better. I enjoyed reading a story from a man’s perspective because men do look at things differently. Even if they feel the exact same emotions as women, they can express that wildly different.

Overall, I loved this book. I felt the changes that the author applied to the first book in the series was valuable and it added to the overall story for this group of characters. Gabi and Shane are not a cookie-cutter couple. They were crass, rough around the edges, and I was enamored with them. An absolutely fantastic second book in the Broken Outlaws series.


Into The Nothing by BT Urruela



To say I have been looking forward to this book would be an understatement. I loved reading “A Lover’s Lament” by BT and KL Grayson, and I was beyond excited when I heard BT was coming out with his own book.

So, without further ado, here is the synopsis:

Xander Evans has been on the road for many years. Never settling. Always moving from one place to another, unable to let go of his past. He lived a tragic childhood, spending most of those years in foster care. He’s never felt like he’s had a home.

That is until he stops in the small town of Truman Valley, Missouri, where he meets a woman who will change everything he’s ever known.

Paige Watson has it all. A loving family, beautiful home, and a great career. The only thing she’s missing….is love. After escaping an abusive relationship, she opens her heart up to a stranger. He is unlike any man she’s ever met. He came into her life and turned it completely upside down. Everything is perfect. That is, until one fateful night. 

A night that would tear the Watson family apart, never to be put back together again. 

A night that would send Xander away to prison for life.

I’m trying to find a really eloquent way to say this but I haven’t come up with one in the few minutes that I’ve sat here, but BT fucking gutted me within the first couple chapters. I felt so bad for Teresa. With that said, I thought it was a smart way to start for a few reasons. First, it was unique. But it also piqued my interest. I kept wondering if Xander really did this, and then subsequently, I kept wondering who else it may have been.

Paige and Xander meeting and the beginnings of their relationship are great. It was so light, flirtatious, exciting. I loved seeing them spend time with Paige’s family and friends, and how they interacted together. But things start to change.

I am honestly conflicted on parts of this story. I liked the overall plot. I thought BT did a great job at weaving in love, conflict, and mystery. I think I would have liked to see more development of Paige and Xander. Both had a lot of history that I think needed just a little more time to hear about. Not excessive but an extra couple chapters would have made it a bit easier to see and understand their individual backstories.

The ending of the book is heartbreaking. Seeing what appears to be a perfect family completely shattered was horrible. Again, I’m really torn on this. A part of me wished for more emotion from Paige, in regards to the last chapters of the book. But at the same time, I also feel like Paige was moving on and she needed to move on. She couldn’t just stay and wallow in her own sorrows.

I think some of the best books that are out there cause you to feel angry, hurt, conflicted. Even if I don’t like something, but it got a strong reaction out of me, I feel like the author accomplished their goal. With this story, BT managed to make me feel elated, sorrowful, heartbroken and hopeful all in one book. I am truly looking forward to what he comes out with in the future.

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