Wednesday by E.L. Todd


Wednesday by E.L. Todd

It took me a long time to forgive Hawke—a very long time.

But now that I have, I feel nothing but unbridled joy. Everything is exactly as it should have been two years ago. He’s just what I need, and not just now, but forever.

Until disaster strikes.

We promised each other forever, but will Hawke honor that promise when his world comes crumbling down? When the ground cracks below his feet, will we still stand?

Or will we fall?

Did this book give me a heart attack? Yes. I swear…I think E.L. Todd might like to torture readers and her characters.

This book broke my heart. It truly did. I think once you read the first two books (Monday and Tuesday), its so hard to watch Frankie and Hawke ever struggle in anything. At this point, I’m so invested in them that I’m worried if they hit a patch of ice while walking on the sidewalk. I mean, its intense and sort of crazy.

To be entirely honest, I really love E.L. Todd’s writing. She manages to evoke such imagery and very intense feelings for me. I feel like writing about love is truly her calling. She nails it.

But I did not love this book. As a reader, I felt like we Hawke and Frankie go through some of the same battles over and over and to be honest, it was starting to drain on me a bit.

With that said, I did admire aspects of the book. One is that Hawke finally seeks help. I apologize if that is a spoiler for some, but its a part of the book that is paramount. I also valued that Frankie rises above Hawke and manages to achieve other goals of hers. But to be honest, while I liked these things, they also annoyed me. There was a part of me that almost didn’t want them to end up together anymore. A part of me wanted them to not be together just because their back and forth was starting to drain on me mentally.

I still would recommend this book and when I post my review to Amazon, I’d still do 4 stars. This book isn’t written badly or anything like that. Its just that for myself, I feel like two books would have been more adequate or if this book were shorter. But I think to keep seeing Frankie and Hawke do this push and pull, it just became too much for me at certain points.

Its a great series and Frankie and Hawke have a love like no other. Its a love that I think most of us can only hope to find for ourselves.


Journey to the Centre of Myself by Andie M. Long

Ebook Cover

Two women. Two different paths in life.

Amber’s husband is pressuring her to have a baby. Amber wants to have fun. She gives in to her husband, only to find that all is not as it seems.

Karen’s marriage is at its end, rocked by grief and lies. Newly redundant, she leaves on a flight to Berlin, to spend time alone and consider her future.

Amber is the temp who took over Karen’s job. But that’s not all the two women have in common. One woman’s drunken kiss in a nightclub will lead to their paths crossing once again.

Life is about to reveal new journeys for them both.

This book was…refreshing. I mean that as a compliment, by the way. When I started reading this book, I was not sure what to expect. This book starts out in Manchester, England. I didn’t know that based on the synopsis, so I’ll tell you the entire story is set primarily in Manchester, and then we do get to follow Karen’s travels to Berlin, Paris; among other places.

I thought this book was truly written so well, and it was intriguing to me to see how the author wove the characters together. When you are first reading the story and meeting everyone, you do not realize how some already are connected, and also how some will become connected to each other later in the story as everything comes full circle. (I know that sounds somewhat evasive but I don’t want to give the story away).

Another aspect of this story that I thoroughly appreciated is that while there is drama, its not dragged out. The characters are all trying to change in some way. Karen is trying to relax and somewhat find herself amidst all of the crisis’ that life has handed her. Amber is trying to stop being impulsive. But its funny because the things they are trying to change aren’t really as bad as they seem.

When you start to hear more about Karen and her history with her daughter and husband, I could totally understand why she would feel sort of crazy and not herself.

And with Amber, being somewhat the same age as she is, I could definitely understand how she felt with Will, and him pressuring her for a baby.

In this story, we also meet Mirelle, Shaun, and Steve as supporting characters. Mirelle is Amber’s co-worker and friend, and Steve is Karen’s sister. I was ecstatic that even though they are not main characters, they also follow the general theme of the story, and that is one of growth and evolving so you can find your happiness. I so appreciated that this happened.

It was shocking to me the parallel of this story to real life. We have feelings and emotions and crazy things happen and we might think we are crazy for how we react, but in reality, its really not that unusual at all. This story is also a really good reminder that you can’t help how you feel about something, especially deep down. I, myself, have always been a believer that people are who they are, and that we can change, but it has to be a natural change that we want to have happen to ourselves. If you just change for someone else, be it a friend, spouse, job, etc, you won’t be happy because its not who you are naturally. This story really seemed to bring that concept to life.

The author does weave in some humor and a slight bit of catfight into the story, but she did it so well that it never takes away from the overall story about, ultimately, Karen and Amber discovering who they are and what they really want.

There is so much more I liked about this story. I could probably write and write and then write some more. It is fantastically written, and I am honored that I was given an ARC for review. I can truly say this book touched me on a personal level and I would absolutely recommend that anyone take the time for this journey.

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