Moto by M.Never


Moto by M. Never

What’s harder than resisting one Dane man? Resisting two.

I don’t date bikers. It’s my one cardinal rule. No rough, rugged, tattooed egotistical maniacs on two wheels. Even if they are gorgeous, brilliant, and sport the prefix Doctor. Bottom line, bikers are nothing but trouble.


Dr. Devlin Dane has had his sights set on my panties for months. But I’ve done a stellar job of fending him off. As Mercy Medical’s most eligible bachelor, he has no problem in the panty dropping department. He’s tall, dark, and inked all over. I get the appeal, I’m not dead. I’m not stupid either. He’s a walking heartbreak waiting to happen.
But when Reese Dane comes crashing into my life – literally- the game suddenly changes.
Reese, the dark, brooding, motorcycle racing champion, knows exactly how to apply the right pressure on and off the track.

The two have an unstoppable pull like centrifugal force, and both bad boy bikers are determined to take me on a high-powered ride I’ll never forget…

*MOTO is an unconventional (ménage) standalone novel. Spare panties and a box of tissues may be required.

So I bought this book back in July (according to Amazon) and I’ve been reading it off and on and finally was like, finish this book already. I just kept getting sidetracked with other books but I always kept this one right up front so I would see it and remember. So this morning, at 3AM when I couldn’t sleep, I finally finished it.

I will be entirely honest and say that books that lean more towards erotica are not totally my thing. I don’t mind them occasionally but I don’t tend to lean in that direction. The reason being that a lot of times, I find the sex scenes just overpower the characters and everything else becomes tiny compared to non-stop sex. Like seriously, I’ve read books where my vagina hurts, imagining all the pounding, thrusting, stretching that happens non-stop.

But I had heard a lot about this book and it sounded intriguing so I decided to buy it. So lets start with the fact that Dev and Reese are not only brothers, but twins. Dev has been trying to get with Kayla for awhile now, but she always turns him down. Reese comes crashing, literally, into Kayla’s life. Thus, the adventure begins.

Dev and Reese are so similar, yet so different. They both have very different priorities in life. Reese is a famous motorcycle racing champion, and Dev is a cardiologist. Both are attractive and really have no problem finding a woman to keep them company. Kayla, on the other hand, is a nurse who wants nothing to do with bikers. She won’t deny that she finds Dev attractive, but she has spurned his advances otherwise. Reese also tries his hand and is somewhat more successful but again, Kayla turns him down. Things change once she spends more time with Reese, helping him heal after his motorcycle crash.

I’m just going to be upfront, Kayla ends up having a ménage relationship with both brothers. Everyone is fine with it for awhile but eventually, Reese has to leave to continue racing. As time goes by, and Reese returns, Dev doesn’t want to keep doing the shared relationship.

One aspect I really liked about this book is that both men do love Kayla, and she loves them. Its never just about the sex for these three, and I actually have a lot of respect that M.Never chose to write the book that way. Yes, they enjoy the sex, but the love is there too.

There were a couple pieces of the book that threw me off. There is the back story with Kayla’s friend, Becca, who died in a motorcycle accident. This is the reason she doesn’t ride bikes anymore, and the men reference her in the book many times with gifts they give to Kayla, but I just kept feeling like I would hear more about her and then never did.

Then we hear about a drug scandal rocking the community and how Sam, Kayla’s aunt, is working on the case and was very worried about Kayla. The reason this threw me off a bit was because at one point, Kayla takes a photo of a license plate and sends it to her aunt to follow up on. Later, the aunt is very cryptic but wanting to ensure that no one knows Kayla sent it to her. So I thought the book was going to follow onto some sort of revenge, or just anything, but it never did. These factors are just minor side stories happening in the overall story, but I will admit I kept expecting both to make more of a big appearance and they never really did.

I don’t want to spoil this book for anyone so I can’t comment more on what happens to our trio. But I will say that I was shocked by the ending. I was actually in complete shock. Mind you, its 3am and I’m trying to be quiet in bed, but I gasped quite loudly because I did NOT see the ending coming.

With that said, I admired how M.Never chose to end the book. There sort of comes a point in the book where you realize that they can’t continue this relationship going for forever, especially when both men care about Kayla tremendously and she has changed their lives.

I’m really happy I branched out of my comfort zone with this book. I felt like M.Never took sensitive topics, or even taboo topics, and made them okay. Where normally, you might have more shock value. I never felt that was done with this book. It was done in an adult way. That sounds strange but its really the best way I could think of to say it. All three are interested in each other and they explore that. Its as simple as that.