Complicating by Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams


Complicating by Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams

Forget all those other accidental pregnancy romances you might have read.

Daisy and Carter don’t have a one-night stand…because it’s thirty minutes in a back room at a wedding reception. And Carter isn’t a bad boy baby-daddy…except for the motorcycle, tattoos, and attitude. Daisy doesn’t have the typical issues with her pregnancy…if you don’t count the morning sickness, food cravings, and occasional horniness. And Carter doesn’t hang around all the time, wanting both her and the baby…until he falls in love.

But they definitely don’t become a happy family…right away.

Daisy has always been a good girl. She’s never done anything wild or spontaneous until she has a little too much to drink at a wedding and has a fling with a sexy stranger. She thought they were careful, but accidents happen. And now she’s going to have the baby of a man she barely knows.

Carter is her opposite in every way and completely the wrong man for her. They can still work out a reasonable arrangement regarding the baby. But the more time she spends with him, the less reasonable she feels. And he’s acting all possessive and protective, so it gets harder and harder to convince herself that he’s just the father of her baby.

She wants him to be so much more.

Welcome back to Preston’s Mill! In this book, we find Daisy and Carter meeting at the wedding of Heather and Chris, the couple from the first book in the Preston’s Mill series. This can be read as a standalone but if you wanted to read the other books, you certainly could and this story might be enhanced for you (just in that you’d recognize some past characters).

I will be honest and say this book was good, but not one of my all-time favorites from this author-duo. So I will focus on the things I really did enjoy and then touch on some of the things that just didn’t work for me as much.

First, I like these authors writing together. I’ve read several books from Samantha Chase and I have a fairly good beat on her writing style, so it’s easier for me to see where Noelle Adams comes in. I think they compliment each other really well.

I love the entire vibe of Preston’s Mill. I love the small town; I always feel like I’m right there when I read these books. You can picture these small restaurants and the apartment complex that our characters live in. It really comes to life and I actually find myself hoping that some holiday books come out in this series.

One of the biggest things I struggled with in this book was Daisy’s character. She bugged me a lot and there were several times where even I thought Carter was wasting his time on her. I feel terrible even saying that, even though these are fictional characters. Daisy’s character is pretty conservative but she manages to let loose for one night and that night leads to Carter and then an accidental pregnancy. Carter really likes Daisy and he keeps trying to be in her life and be a good father to the baby. But Daisy just keeps pushing him away and just being hard to deal with. Again, this was an area that I struggled with. I feel like the intention was that Daisy is protecting her heart but it just didn’t really translate well for me here.

I enjoyed Carter’s character a lot. When he finds out about the baby, he tries so hard to step-up. There is one scene that was funny where Carter just goes overboard, trying to read the baby books and change air filters, bring purifiers, antacids, etc. He’s trying so hard to be a good father.

Overall, I think readers would enjoy this book. If you are already fans of these authors, you’ll enjoy the story and the continuation of the Preston’s Mill series. Even without my feelings for Daisy playing into it, I did enjoy the story line and how everything played out for this couple.


The Man, The Game, The Baby by London Casey



They hired her to keep me out of jail. Now she’s carrying my baby…

Roman Knight. You know the name. You know the reputation… on and off the field. There’s not a pass I can’t complete or a woman I can’t charm. I’m the highest paid quarterback in the league. But I’m one bar fight away from jail. Now my people have hired some lawyer to try to control me. Yeah, right. I know she’s going to last about as long as all my other lawyers.

Right up until I meet her.

As soon as I lay eyes on Willow, I know I have to have her… in my bed and in my life. I always get what I want, and this time, I end up with a little more than planned. Willow is pregnant… and if that’s not shocking enough, a late night incident results in a murder charge being thrown my way. I’m left with a choice – rat on an old friend or go to jail.

If I want a real life, and a family… I’m going to have to fight for it.

I was able to snag an ARC from Karolyn James, who uses the pen name London Casey. I was definitely intrigued by the synopsis of the book.

Roman starts off seeming like a bit of a psychopath. Willow just seems harsh. If I’m being totally truthful, I was not really fond of either character in the first 20% of the book. HOWEVER, once the author really brings us further into Roman and Willow, and their lives, you start to see how awesome they are.

Roman is a NFL Quarterback who is at the top of his game professionally, but his personal issues keep causing him trouble. Roman is a fighter and its shocking to see how he manages to get himself into trouble at every turn. And I do mean, every SINGLE turn.

Willow is a lawyer who thinks she is being terminated. She’s actually being recruited as another member of Roman’s legal team and she is supposed to babysit him, more or less. In the legal settings, Willow is the only woman surrounded by men. When I mention Willow seeming harsh, you can see why she needs to be in this environment. Her character can dish it out just as well as she can take it.

I have to say that while I initially didn’t care for Willow or Roman, I did appreciate that the author made them real people. In reality, we don’t always love everyone or we don’t always say or do the right thing. That’s really how Willow and Roman are.

Roman has a lot of past issues from his childhood, and they are actual, legitimate issues. I admired that the author chose to tackle that. So many books have this trope of past issues, secrets, etc. Roman does share with Willow, but he does it once he knows he can trust her. It is not because she found out accidentally and its now some huge crevice in their relationship.

The sex in this book is incredibly steamy. Roman and Willow definitely have a hot connection. I appreciated that Willow’s character is a woman who enjoys sex herself. At one point in the beginning, Willow has a one-night stand (this is before she knows Roman). This is something she does on her own. Its not that she meets someone and she hoped for more and it was only a one-night stand. She actually initiates it. The sex seemed to be far more intense with a woman like Willow who knew what she wanted, not just the man initiating the sex.

Another aspect I liked was that I felt this book was really about Roman and his growth. Yes, we do see Willow a lot and we see her falling in love with Roman. But she does not have the hurdles to overcome like Roman does. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Roman grow, mature, but also confront some of the issues he has.

I would definitely recommend this book, especially if you enjoy sports romances. It was well done and I felt like Roman and Willow were a very special couple that I will not easily forget.