Swink by Adriana Locke

Swink Ebook Cover

Title: Swink
Series: Landry Family #5
Author: Adriana Locke
Genre: A Standalone Bad Boy / Good Girl Romance
Release Date: July 21, 2017


I’m that guy.

Camilla Landry rustles against me, the silky fabric of her overpriced lingerie slipping along my bruised rib. The porcelain perfection of her skin is even more innocent against the colorful ink dotting my own. It’s demure meets damage, pampered meets punctured.

So, yeah, it’s obvious I’m that guy. Dominic Hughes. Her attempt at rebellion. Her bid to see what the other side of the tracks feel like. I’m okay with being used because, from where I’m sitting, the other side of the tracks have never looked so good.

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Wow. Just wow.
This is the last book in the Landry Family Series (Sienna’s story will start off a new series). Adriana Locke does NOT disappoint. This story brings the finale that I think readers absolutely deserve and will love.
The author has been teasing us about Cam and her mystery man for the last couple books. But now, we finally meet Dominic Hughes and he was worth the wait. So worth it!
From the blurb, readers know that Dominic and Camilla are not coming from the same playing fields, status wise. I normally don’t go for that trope because it tends to be the woman trying to fix the guy. This book is not that. I loved that the author made the love between Cam and Dom about them. The other societal factors come in, but at the end of the day, they work well together because of just them. Not money, not status, etc.
I don’t know how intentional this was, but I appreciated seeing some of the stresses that Cam was facing. I think when you read the story, or just think about it, she’s considered the Princess of Savannah. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have problems, thoughts, feeling.s. It went deeper than just Cam though. In the other books, we’ve seen the brothers find love and being a society man is very different than being a society woman. It really hits home during a scene at a charity event. You realize all the pressures that are on Camilla.
Dom’s character is incredible. I aligned with him. You could see why he wanted to shelter Cam from parts of his world. It was heartbreaking and yet I related to it immensely. Even though Dom might see himself as damaged goods, he isn’t. He’s got a past, like everyone does. I loved seeing he and Cam both grow as the story continued. Both characters have things they need to overcome.
I truly can’t recommend this book enough. I absolutely adored it. What a way to end the Landry Family series. I actually feel somewhat speechless; this book is THAT amazing.

Charge (Electric Series #1) by E.L. Todd


Charge by E.L. Todd

White-hot, blinding, and dangerous.

That’s exactly what Volt is.

He’s electric.

The first time I met him, my body reacted. It coiled, sizzled, and sparked. I knew I wanted him because he was the first man to make me feel dead and alive at the exact same time.

But within a short conversation, I knew he was unattainable.


Now we’re just friends.

But will we stay friends?

Just to be up-front, I read and am reviewing this book because I am a part of E.L. Todd’s review team. I really admire E.L. Todd’s writing and I feel like she has this really incredible way of managing to get her stories to touch your heart. When the characters are anguished, I always feel like I am right there with them, experiencing it right with them.

With that said, I sometimes have felt like her books are a bit too long, and in the past, its been somewhat hard because her books always leave me with a rollercoaster of emotions. So when I got the email about her new Electric series, I was nervous. Excited, but also nervous.

I’ve never given some of the feedback above to E.L. Todd directly but I feel like she was inside my mind with these books. These are much shorter books. This first book runs just over 200 pages (in contrast with the first book of the Timeless series, “Monday”, which is over 400 pages). Another different aspect is that this entire series is releasing at the same time. So instead of reading and waiting months for the next piece of the puzzle, we get it all at once.

This story was interesting and has aspects of it that recall the Timeless series and we do see “The Muffin Girl”, which was Frankie’s bakery in the Timeless series. However, I liked that while we see similar glimpses from past books, Taylor and Volt, are still very different from other characters that E.L. Todd has written.

Our story starts with Volt getting ready to propose to his girlfriend…only to see her kissing her ex-boyfriend a few minutes after leaving the jewelry story. Then the story flashes forward and we meet Taylor who is moving to New York City for a new teaching job. One of her co-workers, Natalie, invites Taylor to hang out with her and friends, thus the introduction of Taylor and Volt.

When the story starts, Volt is basically sleeping around, and attempts to sleep with Taylor, who turns him down. Then their friendship begins.

I enjoyed watching their friendship blossom. It’s really obvious that they both need a friend, but they definitely have a different kind of friendship. Everyone notices it but them. The progression of their feelings towards each other is written really well. I think sometimes we get so caught up in life, we might not realize what is standing right in front of us. This is definitely the case for Taylor and Volt.

I would definitely recommend this new series. E.L. Todd has made some great changes with this series while still maintaining the types of emotionally gripping stories that keep you coming back for more.

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