Carny by Simone Sowood


Carny by Simone Sowood

Different town every week means a different woman in my bed.  No complaints here.  That’s how I f*cking want it.

One look of my handsome smile has them weak in the knees.  One touch of my rock hard muscles has their panties dropping.  One night of pounding with my pierced, tattooed c*ck and they beg me to stay.

But when the weekend’s over, I move on to the next town, and next woman.

Until Emily.

One look at the beautiful blonde and I know she’s the one I want in this town.  One taste of her innocence and I need more.

The last thing she wants is anything to do with me; she know’s I’m nothing but trouble — until a fight with her parents pushes her straight into my arms.

I’ll be damned if I’m letting her walk away, no matter what her rich parents think of their precious princess with a bad boy.

I finally have a woman I wanna keep.  I’m not letting her go now.

*** A steamy STANDALONE contemporary romance with a smoking hot alpha. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.***

This book is like a dream come true for me. I absolutely adore carnivals and I have always loved them. Its easily the best time of the year when they come to town. So getting to read a love story involving the carnival was absolute perfection for me.

Our story starts with Emily and Steel meeting at the carnival in Colmar, North Carolina. Emily’s father is a fairly big deal in the small town and he constantly is reminding Emily that her actions affect his reputation. So when Emily meets Steel at the local carnival, she is more than receptive to him.

One thing I really liked was how Steel could be somewhat harsh, in terms of his language and being very frank about what he wanted. But at the same time, he showed that sweeter side with Emily. He didn’t have a problem telling Emily how he felt about her, even when she thought it was a line he used on everyone.

I liked Emily a lot. I could definitely align with some of the feelings that Emily had because her parents really did run her life. You could tell she felt trapped but didn’t really know what to do or how to even express herself properly. Mind you, Emily is only 20 years old, and Steel is 27.

I also really loved the interaction between Steel and Emily. They talk and I enjoyed how matter-of-fact that Steel was with her. When she is frustrated over the situation with her parents, he just tells her how it is. Its not sugar-coated, but its also not mean. Its the facts that Emily really does need to hear. I think when you’re in a situation and you don’t know how to get out of it, things can feel a lot worse than they are.

This book was really enjoyable. I love how Simone Sowood can give us a complete story without making things drag out. She keeps the story on pace and moving, so it was easy to keep reading and not realize that any time has passed at all.


Hung by Simone Sowood


Hung by Simone Sowood

Is a man worth losing everything I’ve ever worked for?

Lawson Heywood is a cocky, dirty-talking prick with enough money to buy a small country. And a man who’s used to getting any woman he wants.

I drew him a picture.

He was so impressed, he cornered me and kissed me. My first real kiss.

With his tattoos, broad shoulders and panty-dropping brown eyes, I thought I’d melt into his arms forever.

Except I can’t get involved with him. It would make me a sell out and ruin my art career once and for all.

Lawson keeps threatening to make me his, but that’s never going to happen. No matter how much my body craves him.

*** A steamy STANDALONE contemporary romance with a hot, dominant alpha. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.***

This book is definitely an insta-love story, just to be up front. I know some readers don’t enjoy that, but for myself, I enjoy a good, fast love story. And Skye and Lawson definitely move quickly!

This story was really sweet, in all honesty. Yes, the sex was off the charts hot, but when we see Lawson really step up to the plate for Skye, that is where the story really shines. Our characters meet for the first time when Skye is Lawson’s waitress and somewhat rescues him from a date with a gold digger. They immediately have chemistry, but not just physically. When Skye assists Lawson with moving his date along, he sees her personality, and that Skye is funny and intelligent.

Then he comes back to see her again. But this time, he kisses her and causes Skye some trouble at work. In more way than one.

As much as I liked this story, there were a couple things that didn’t necessarily jive with me. I wouldn’t say I disliked them, but they did sort of make me scratch my head. The first being how quickly Skye and Lawson have sex (if you’ve read the book, you’ll understand what I mean). The reason I say this is tied into the second thing that didn’t sit right with me: Skye has this intense hatred of wealthy people. Lawson opens up to her about his past but we never find out what her issue is with wealthier people. We know Skye has had a falling out with her parents, but it wasn’t enough (in my opinion) to warrant such a strong hatred for the wealthy.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. The pace moved quickly, and I found myself reading this fairly quickly. Not because I was rushing through but because it just flowed really well. It was easy to want to spend more time with Skye and Lawson. This author is new to me, but I really enjoyed her work and would be more than willing to read more books from her.